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Cheer Finals & More Wrestling Live On MHSAA.TV

It’s another big weekend of MHSAA Championship action on, with nearly 300 hours of live streaming video in Girls Competitive Cheer and Individual Wrestling, plus Student Broadcast Program produced coverage of Basketball Districts.

From the Director

Going on Offense

High school football is character-building for students, spirit-building for schools and community-building for cities and towns. 

Spitting in the Ocean

But most times that I laugh at or criticize the blind eyes or bad faith of others, I pause to consider if we might sometimes act in similar ways.

Holding Back

I wrote last week in this space about the positive place for disagreement in organizations; and I held back on pushing the topic a bit further.

Supporting Sports Officials

To make a difference of opinion about legislative strategy the litmus test of MHSAA support for officials is misguided at best and manipulative at worst.
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