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Super Streaming Weekend Coming Up

MHSAA.TV wraps up its Fall coverage this weekend with live video streaming of all of the Semifinals and Finals in Girls Volleyball; the Preliminary and Final Rounds of L.P. Girls Swimming & Diving; and 12 Football Semifinal Playoff games this weekend.

From the Director


There is a small body of research that is unique to the MHSAA . . . Our uniqueness is in two areas.

Up-Close Learning

What occurred that day demonstrates the MHSAA’s commitment to a particular teaching and learning model we have chosen for its effectiveness, not its ease.

The Fun Factor

My experience with school-age young people is that what they seek most from sports participation is funand friends.

Representative Governance

We need policymakers who see things with a wide angle view as much as we need policymakers who see the daily details of school sports up close.
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