There are very many very important ingredients in educational athletics . . . but the key ingredient always has been and still is the coach.

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In 2012, there were more J-1 visa students enrolled through CSIET-approved programs in Michigan secondary schools than in any other state . . .

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Two first, small steps have been taken in the direction of making school-sponsored sports for junior high/middle school-age athletes more attractive to these students and their parents.

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Never is the continuous cycle of school sports more obvious to me than at this time of year. 

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Within the leadership of the schools involved there has been a sense of understanding that there can be injuries in sports, especially collision sports . . .

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What I hear when I listen to students . . .is that they want to play multiple sports and that they need us to hear that and to help them.

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Michigan’s Football Task Force proposal . . . reduces collision practices to one a day before the first game and to two per week after the first game.

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Over the past nine months we have marched down the field in our effort to enhance the health and safety preparation of those who coach school sports. 

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About the Author

Jack Roberts

Jack Roberts has been at the helm of the MHSAA as its Executive Director since 1986, implementing programs and overseeing tournament administration and regulations for the Association which boasts 1,500 member schools, 11,000 registered officials and 13,000 head coaches.

During the last 43 years, Roberts has spoken to educator and athletic groups, business leaders and civic groups in almost every state and five Canadian provinces. He is one of the nation's most articulate advocates for educational athletics.

Roberts has served on several national association boards and is the first chairman of the NFHS Network board of directors. He has been board president for the Refugee Development Center for four years, and is past-chair of the board of directors of the Michigan Society of Association Executives. He was selected to the board of trustees for the Capital Region Community Foundation in December.

He is a 1970 graduate of Dartmouth College, where he played defensive safety for the Ivy League's winningest football team during that span, and he sang in Dartmouth's close harmony vocal group.

His wife, Peggy, has recently retired from a 30-year career in social services, and is serving as president of the board of the Fenner Nature Conservancy in Lansing. 

Jack and Peggy are passionate world travelers and have two grown sons: John, who - with his partner, Liliana Garces - are on the school of education faculty at Penn State University; and Luke, who - with his wife, Alison - are international school educators in Wuxi, China.