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This Week in the MHSAA - Week of Feb. 23

MARCHING THROUGH BATTLE CREEK - The first of two weekends of Wrestling Finals take place this week, as the March invades Kellogg Arena for the Team Wrestling Finals Friday and Saturday (Feb. 27-28). will provide live coverage on a subscription basis beginning at 1 p.m. on Friday for the Quarterfinals; 8:30 a.m. on Saturday for the Semifinals; and 4 p.m. for the Finals.

It's Regional week for Girls Competitive Cheer teams, with that action place on Saturday.  We're also a week away from the start of the Girls Basketball and Ice Hockey Tournaments.

Check the respective sports pages of the MHSAA Website for tournament site assignments and other information.


UPCOMING DEADLINES FOR WRESTLING CREDENTIALS - For this week's Team Wrestling Finals, only those outlets needing passes specifically for this event need apply from the Credentials page of the MHSAA Website.  If you have a 14-15 MHSAA Tournament Media Pass, you're all set.  The deadline for applying is 4 p.m on Wednesday (Feb. 25).

For next week's Individual Wrestling Finals - EVERYONE wanting to attend must apply, including 14-15 MHSAA Tournament Media Pass holders.  The deadline for applying is 4 p.m. on Monday (March 2).  For the few generic pass holders - the ones that say Reporter or Photographer than actually having a name on them - you will need to request event passes in the name of the individual you're sending. 


REQUESTING PASSES FOR MHSAA TOURNAMENTS - A reminder that media need to directly deal with host site administration for access to most MHSAA Tournaments prior to the Semifinals - DO NOT CALL THE MHSAA OFFICE.

And when it comes time to request credentials, remember that for Individual Wrestling, Girls Basketball and Boys Basketball that ALL MEDIA - including those with MHSAA Tourmament Media passes - must submit a request form so that appropriate arrangements can be made.  For other sports, you only need to submit a request if you have someone who needs a credential just for that event.

This is the time of year when folks come crawling out of the woodwork (especially in wrestling), offering their photographic services to local newspapers, because they want floor access.  Please vet such requests carefully before contacting our office.  Through Sports Scene Magazine, photographic services are available at the Team and Individual Wrestling Finals for newspapers unable to staff the event.  Contact us for more information.

Credential ordering forms for Finals are be posted to the Credentials page of the MHSAA Website after the Regional round of activity is completed.  We are not issuing any year-round MHSAA Tournament Media Passes from this point forward during Winter tournaments.  All those outlets which have applied in recent weeks will receive their passes this week.  Outlets needing passes for tournament Finals form this point forward can apply on a per-event basis.


BROADCASTERS SHOULD APPLY EARLY  - We're now only a week away before basketball teams begin their March towards the Breslin Center, but audio and video outlets wishing to cover those MHSAA Tournaments can apply now for the rights to originate games.  All outlets must apply, even if a District is taking place in the gym of a team you've covered all season long.  Audio outlets are limited during the basketball tournament to two seats.  If you need to create an account to apply online, contact us at


MHSAA PERSPECTIVE  – Our weekly audio commentary, MHSAA Perspective, is in its tenth season. The program is available as an mp3 download from the home page of the MHSAA Website, and is posted each Monday morning The program runs four minutes each week - unless otherwise noted, and is sponsored by the Amber Alert Foundation. Over 80 outlets across the state carry Perspective, and the complete list is posted on the Perspective Home Page, along with when the program will air each week.

This week's Perspective:   Champions Forever  (Left click to listen, right click to save) In this week's edition of Perspective, John Johnson talks about the 1949 Coldwater High School boys basketball team, which won the Class B title and changed the way the game was played.  (4:00)


BE THE REFEREE  - A new feature on the Officials page of the MHSAA Website is Be The Referee, with MHSAA Assistant Director Mark Uyl, an accomplished collegiate official in two sports who umpired the NCAA College World Series in 2014.  Be The Referee is a series of short messages designed to help educate people on the rules of different sports, to help them better understand the art of officiating, and to recruit officials.

The audio messages are formatted for 60 seconds, suitable for broadcast.  The text of Be The Referee will be distributed by e-mail each week, and may be used in print on any platform (print or web) with credit to the MHSAA.  The series will run weekly through the end of the 2014-15 school year.  Here is this week's Be The Referee installment:

- Week of Feb. 23 - Too Much TV - Listen - Read

CHECK OUT JACK ROBERTS' BLOG-- MHSAA Executive Director John E. "Jack" Roberts is the only executive director of a state high school athletic association in the country to blog on a regular basis, and he posts entries on our website every Tuesday and Friday with his thoughts about high school sports throughout the year.  Here are Jack's entries from last week:

Feb. 20  - Supporting Sports Officials  - "There recently has been some criticism that the MHSAA hasn’t “had the backs” of sports officials regarding a proposal for a new state law.  To make a difference of opinion about legislative strategy the litmus test of MHSAA support for officials is misguided at best and manipulative at worst."

Feb. 17 - Permission To Disagree - "Among the current topics of school sports in Michigan are two upon which there is certain to be disagreement: (1) the role of 6th-graders in school sports and the MHSAA; and (2) out-of-season coaching rules. We see the lack of consensus at the local level and the league level and between different coaches associations. And we expect the Representative Council will lack unanimity if these topics ever arrive for the Council’s action."

You can follow Jack's blog through the home page of the MHSAA Website, or go directly to the current archives page by clicking here.


TOURNAMENT INFORMATION AVAILABLE  - Our seasonal Media Tournament Information is now available for Winter Sports by Clicking Here

Check out the respective sports pages of the MHSAA website for brackets and school assignments.

The Media Credentials Page of the website will have credential ordering forms for most tournament Finals - except Girls Gymnastics and Skiing - available beginning after the Regional round of play is concluded.

Finals Tournament Notes and Histories can be accessed by Clicking Here.  We have how every school has fared in the Final Round (Quarterfinal-Semifinal-Final) of team dual tournaments; and we also post the information submitted by each team for souvenir programs and network broadcast purposes prior to the semifinals in a number of sports.

SUBMITTING INFORMATION FOR THE MHSAA RECORD BOOK -  When submitting information for the MHSAA Record Book, please remember that some form of documentation is required, and the best forms of documentation are the scoresheet from a game, the season-ending statistics sheet for a season record, and the season-ending stats sheets for each season a young person plays for career marks.  News accounts of a record being set are good backs-ups, but especially for career and season marks, the paper trail is necessary. 

We don't have the staff to chase down potential records.  Please be sure a submission is complete when you contact us. 

HEAD TO THE MEDIA INFORMATION PAGE - The number of calls we get weekly from media members looking for information could be saved by just clicking on the Media Information page of the MHSAA Website.  It is the jumping-off point for everything from credentials to tournament information specifically for the media.  You an also make a quick jump to key information by going to the black box at the bottom of many pages of the MHSAA Website.

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John Johnson, MHSAA Communications Director

Geoff Kimmerly, MHSAA Media & Content Coordinator