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This Week in the MHSAA - Summer Edition

APPLICATIONS FOR 2014-15 MHSAA TOURNAMENT MEDIA PASSES NOW OPEN - We are now accepting applications for MHSAA Tournament Media Passes for the 2014-15 school year.  Media outlets must go through this process on an annual basis.

Please take great care in submitting information so that we get the names correct, and because this is also how you let us know where you want e-mail and snail mail sent.

For security reasons, we are no longer issuing generic Reporter/Photographer passes.  This is our first step toward going to photo ID in the future.

If you submit a group of names, and find later that you missed someone, simply submit the form again, indicating the name of the outlet in the Outlet Name 1 field, and then in the Outlet Name 2 field, put the word ADDITIONAL.

RADIO STATIONS & AUDIO WEBSITES – The Declaration of Clearance for joining the MHSAA Championship Network for 2014-15 will be sent before the end of the month.  We want all outlets to fill out this form, and then if you wish to join the network, fill out that form when it comes your way.  Many Thanks!

Finally, a reminder that the MHSAA does not credential organizations with a primary focus on recruiting or scouting.

To get to the form:  CLICK HERE

Since these passes have become widely accepted by schools for regular season games, it is our plan to have the first large batch of credentials out before Labor Day, the second large batch out by mid-September, and then we will continue to accept and process applications through May, with the intent of sending out a batch in the middle of each month.

IT'S SUMMER (FOR A FEW WEEKS AT LEAST) - A small chance to everyone to catch their breaths before the Fall sports season ramps up with Rules Meetings beginning at the end of July, and on-field practices beginning August 11 for Football and August 13 for all other sports.

SUMMER HOURS AT THE MHSAA OFFICE - The MHSAA Office will operate Monday through Thursday from June 23 to July 25, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day, and be closed the week of the Fourth of July.

FOOTBALL SCHEDULES - We will soon have links to the weekly Football schedules for this Fall on the Football page of the MHSAA Website.  You can view schedules on a school by school basis by going to a school's portal page on the MHSAA Website and clicking on Football.

14-15 MEDIA SURVEY BEGINS IN LATE JULY - By the end of July, we will provide everyone instructions to fill out the 2014-15 MHSAA Media Survey, and request MHSAA Tournament Media Passes for the upcoming school year.  One important change is that we will be issuing fewer generic Reporter/Photographer passes, and may be moving toward photo IDs.  Watch for instructions.

CHECK OUT JACK ROBERTS' BLOG-- MHSAA Executive Director John E. "Jack" Roberts is the only executive director of a state high school athletic association in the country to blog on a regular basis, and he posts entries on our website every Tuesday and Friday with his thoughts about high school sports throughout the year.  

You can follow Jack's blog through the home page of the MHSAA Website, or go directly to the current archives page by clicking here.

SUBMITTING INFORMATION FOR THE MHSAA RECORD BOOK -  When submitting information for the MHSAA Record Book, please remember that some form of documentation is required, and the best forms of documentation are the scoresheet from a game, the season-ending statistics sheet for a season record, and the season-ending stats sheets for each season a young person plays for career marks.  News accounts of a record being set are good backs-ups, but especially for career and season marks, the paper trail is necessary. 

We don't have the staff to chase down potential records.  Please be sure a submission is complete when you contact us. 

HEAD TO THE MEDIA INFORMATION PAGE - The number of calls we get weekly from media members looking for information could be saved by just clicking on the Media Information page of the MHSAA Website.  It is the jumping-off point for everything from credentials to tournament information specifically for the media.  You an also make a quick jump to key information by going to the black box at the bottom of many pages of the MHSAA Website.

Here's a list of important links that will also help you find media information from the MHSAA: 


John Johnson, MHSAA Communications Director

Geoff Kimmerly, MHSAA Media & Content Coordinator