“I wanted to do something different because playing different sports helps me grow . . . "

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Every student we can keep engaged in school sports is a future advocate for school sports, as are these student-athletes’ parents.

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Officials registrations in 2015-16 were the lowest in 29 years. And 2015-16 was the busiest year of litigation since 2010.

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That major college football has been in an uncontrolled spiral of excess is not news; but its insidious damage to high school sports is finally making headlines.

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When an organization receives positive media attention for a policy change, it’s probably best to accept the praise and get back to work. But that could be too easy . . . 

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We all stood as Ali entered. My wife’s eyes were on Ali; my eyes were on my wife, for I had never seen her give respect to a sports personality in this manner.

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I learn that there is a general appreciation for the differences between school-sponsored sports and sports on all other levels by all other sponsors.

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One of the positive aspects of life that school sports and other after-school activities do better than most everything else is to build a sense of community. Another is to teach teamwork.

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About the Author

Jack Roberts

Jack Roberts has been at the helm of the MHSAA as its Executive Director since 1986, implementing programs and overseeing tournament administration and regulations for the Association which boasts 1,500 member schools, 10,000 registered officials and 13,000 head coaches.

During the last 44 years, Roberts has spoken to educator and athletic groups, business leaders and civic groups in almost every state and five Canadian provinces. He is one of the nation's most articulate advocates for educational athletics.

Roberts has served on several national association boards and is the first chairman of the NFHS Network board of directors. He has been board president for the Refugee Development Center: for seven years, and is a past-chair of the board of directors of the Michigan Society of Association Executives. He was elected to the board of trustees for the Capital Region Community Foundation in December of 2013 and to the board of directors of the National Federation of State High School Associations in June of 2016.

He is a 1970 graduate of Dartmouth College, where he played defensive safety for the Ivy League's winningest football team during that span, and he sang in Dartmouth's close harmony vocal group.

His wife, Peggy, has retired from a 30-year career in social services, and is serving as president of the board of the Fenner Nature Conservancy in Lansing.