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This Week in the MHSAA - Week of Sept. 26

HERE WE GO! - The first MHSAA Champions of the 2016-17 school year will be crowned this week in Upper Peninsula Girls Tennis on either  Wednesday (Sept. 28) or Thursday (Sept. 29), with the Division 1 Finals at Negaunee, and the Division 2 Finals at Iron Mountain.   The first tournament activity in the Lower Peninsula comes next week in Girls Golf and Boys tennis.

AT THE GATE - The first qualifiers for the MHSAA Football Playoffs will be determined this weekend.  Going into Week 6, there are 73 teams in the 11-player game with 5-0 records, and seven games this weekend involve matchups of 5-0 teams.

UPDATE MEETINGS UNDERWAY - On Monday (Sept. 26), the second of this year's UPDATE Meeting series meetings takes place in Kalamazoo.  Next week, there are meetings  in Comstock Park on Oct. 3, Frankenmuth on Oct. 5, and Lansing on Oc.t 6.  Media are invited to attend these meetings, but must make advance arrangements with the MHSAA Office.  For a complete schedule and more information, Click Here.

2016-17 TOURNAMENT MEDIA PASS PROCESSING - We filled the second "fill-in" batch of MHSAA Tournament Media Passes for 2016-17 over the weekend, another 40 passes went out.

Even with 100 additional passes processed in the past two weeks and over 1,000 total, we still have quite a few television and radio stations and even a number of larger daily newspapers who we know cover the preps on a regular basis which have not renewed for this this year.  We encourage you to get that done prior to the first Fall tournaments, which are only a few weeks away.

We remind you that even if whenever you finally receive your passes that you always contact the host school in advance to let them know you're coming - especially if they have to make press box seating arrangements.  It's not good form to simply show up, even if you have a pass; and please do not use passes from previous years to gain access to venues.  Many thanks.

THIS WEEK IN HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS - This Week In High School Sports is available for download from the Home Page of the MHSAA Website every Tuesday.

BE THE REFEREE - Our weekly feature Be The Referee returns to help you learn more about rules changes and the fine art of officiating.  We encourage audio outlets to air this 60-second message as part of the sports or general programming each week, and the text will also be available for print outlets wishing to reproduce the message.  Be The Referee can be downloaded each Tuesday from the Home Page of the MHSAA Website.

AUDIO-VIDEO PSA'S MAILED - We mailed DVD's and CD's last week to all of the sports departments on our mailing list and the Public Service Announcement department at every radio and television station in the last last week dealing with the recruitment of officials.

We are always on the brink of a real shortage of officials, and whatever you can do to help encourage people to get involved would be appreciated.  The official's video PSA's are branded locally for the Grand Rapids, Lansing and Detroit markets to promote local association membership; but all three spots are also posted in a generic format for use statewide.  To dowload those spots - Click Here.  

CHECK OUT JACK ROBERTS' BLOG-- MHSAA Executive Director John E. "Jack" Roberts is the only executive director of a state high school athletic association in the country to blog on a regular basis, and he posts entries on our website every Tuesday and Friday throughout the year with his thoughts about high school sports.  

Here are Jack's entries from last week:

Friday Night Football - "Today, major college football is such a ravenous revenue beast that it will schedule play at any time on any day in any location, televising every game – on college conference-controlled networks if the matchup is not attractive enough for national or even regional broadcasts. The Friday night high school football tradition can expect to be trampled as college football swarms and grunts around the feed trough like hungry hogs."

Long Days - "When I read, I prefer three types of literature:  Fun, fast fiction – so I can read more than one page before I fall asleep at night.  Well written, lively biographies of historical figures, especially in American history.  Articles and essays about space."

You can follow Jack's blog through the home page of the MHSAA Website, or go directly to the blog's archive page by clicking here.

BIG WEEK FOR TROPHY GAMES - Each week during the Football season, we'll spotlight gridiron trophy games at we're aware of.  We have around 60 active match-ups, and nearly 20 such games on our list that won't be played this year or that are retired rivalries.  If you have such a game in your area that you'd like to share information about, pass it along to us with a photo of the trophy.  The history behind the trophy is always nice to have.

Here are this week's trophy games (Click on link for artwork - all times local)

  • The Bell - Marine City v. St. Clair at East China Stadium (Home to both teams), Friday, 7 p.m. (Photo courtesy of The D Zone)
  • Sugar Bowl - Reese at Unionville-Sebewaing, Friday, 7 p.m.
  • Hinker Bell - Menominee at Escanaba, Friday 7 p.m. (The actual bell has been missing for many years)
  • Battle of F41 - Lincoln Alcona at Oscoda, Friday, 7 p.m.
  • Golden Cleat - Monroe at Temperance Bedford, Friday, 7 p.m. (Photo courtesy of Toledo Blade)
  • Battle of Bogie Lake Road - Walled Lake Northern at White Lake Lakeland, Friday, 7 p.m.
  • Al Fracassa War Eagle Trophy - Orchard Lake St. Mary's at Birmingham Brother Rice, Saturday, 7 p.m. (Photo courtesy of

And, the Spirit Bell between St. Louis and Ithaca is on the line this week and next week.  Wednesday, the two schools do battle for the prize in Girls Volleyball, next week, the trophy is up for grabs on the gridiron.

SUBMITTING INFORMATION FOR THE MHSAA RECORD BOOK -  When submitting information for the MHSAA Record Book, please remember that some form of documentation is required, and the best forms of documentation are the scoresheet from a game, the season-ending statistics sheet for a season record, and the season-ending stats sheets for each season a young person plays for career marks.  News accounts of a record being set are good backs-ups, but especially for career and season marks, the paper trail is necessary. 

We don't have the staff to chase down potential records.  Please be sure a submission is complete when you contact us.

HEAD TO THE MEDIA INFORMATION PAGE - The number of calls we get weekly from media members looking for information could be saved by just clicking on the Media Information page of the MHSAA Website.  It is the jumping-off point for everything from credentials to tournament information specifically for the media.  You an also make a quick jump to key information by going to the black box at the bottom of many pages of the MHSAA Website.

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