Girls Soccer Finals

2016 Finals 
Michigan State University
June 17-18

Districts, Regionals - $5; Semifinals - $6; Finals - $8

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2016 Tournament

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Division 4: Districts | Regionals | Semifinal & Finals

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Additional Resources

Approved Courses for Coaches' Requirements

High school head coaches of a varsity sport must have a valid CPR Certification (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation).  More information on this CPR Certification can be found here. CPR Certification is tracked by the school athletic director,  similar to the rules meeting-risk management course requirement for assistant and sub varsity coaches.  Athletic Directors must confirm (attest) each season through that both these requirements have been met.    If a coaching requirement is not complete prior to the deadline, the school shall prohibit that coach  from coaching in that season's MHSAA tournament for the sport involved and shall not be present at the facility where the MHSAA tournament involving that coach's sports team is being held.

All individuals who have been designated by their school or district to serve as an assistant or subvarsity coach at the high school level must complete the same rules/risk management meeting requirement as the high school head coach or, in the alternative, they must complete a free  online health and safety course posted on or linked to the Health & Safety page of that is designated to fulfill this requirement.

The deadlines for each MHSAA member high school to certify on its My MHSAA page of that all of its assistant and subvarsity coaches (paid and volunteer) have completed this requirement are as follows:

  • Fall Sports - Sept. 17
  • Winter Sports - Dec. 17
  • Spring Sports - April 14

2015-16 Rules Meeting Dates
and Coaches Requirements

Assistant and subvarsity coaches who have been registered in the MHSAA’s system with an up-to-date email address may log in to and complete the same rules meeting as the varsity head coach. In the alternative, there are seven free online alternative courses that the school may direct or permit assistant and subvarsity coaches to complete individually or in a group setting. Regardless of the course and method utilized, the administration of the school is responsible for attesting to the completion of the requirement by all sports team coaches by the deadlines listed above. Click the headline above to see the MHSAA  Handbook Coaching Requirements Regulations (Reg. II, Section 3 (B & C) and Section 8  (B & C).

These are the seven courses which will allow high school assistant and subvarsity coaches to fulfill the rules/risk management meeting requirement for the 2015-16 school year. Those courses appear below:

Dates to Remember

Online Rules Meetings -- 2/1-4/14
Practice Begins -- March 14
First Contest -- March 23
Maximum No. of Days/Contests -- 18 C
Opt-Out Due Date -- May 11
Ratings Due Date -- June 1

District Tournament -- May 31-June 4
Regional Tournament
-- June 7-11
MHSAA Semifinals - June 14-15
MHSAA Finals -- June 17-18


Brine is the "Official Finals Game Ball" of the MHSAA Finals for Boys and Girls Soccer. The Brine Championship Ball will be used for all Finals tournament games.

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