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Bathroom Breaks


Restrooms and locker rooms have become the front line of the latest civil rights battle in America, with collateral damage to school sports possible.


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Howell Athletic Director Hutcheson, Longtime Official Davis to Join MHSAA Staff; Osters to be Promoted to Assistant Director

Howell athletic director Dan Hutcheson and longtime official Sam Davis will bring decades of contributions to Michigan high school athletics when they join the Michigan High School Athletic Association staff this fall – Hutcheson in August and Davis in September. In addition, Andrea Osters will be promoted in August to assistant director in charge of volleyball and another sport to be determined. Osters, the current social media & brand coordinator for the MHSAA and also the lead administrator for softball the last three years, will with Hutcheson take over most of the duties of current assistant director Gina Mazzolini, who will retire at the end of July.
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