Interested in getting additional opportunities for coaches education? The Coaches Advancement program is for you! This is great coursework for new and veteran coaches of all sports. Click the "Register Now" button below for the current schedule. And, new coaches can get a jump on completing the CAP requirement effective with the 2016-17 school year. Starting in 2016-17, each head coach of a varsity team hired for the first time at any MHSAA member high school (after July 31, 2016) shall have completed either Level 1 or Level 2 of the MHSAA Coaches Advancement Program (CAP). Get started today!

MHSAA Coaches Advancement Program




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The MHSAA Coaches Advancement Program (CAP) is an educational program geared to assist coaches in their growth and development as they advance in the field of educational athletics. Value added benefits of the program include:

INSURANCE: Liability insurance coverage in the amount of $1 million per occurrence.  This protection extends to coaches’ performance of duties for the school team during the interscholastic season.  

NEWSLETTER: GamePlans is an electronic newsletter that is sent six times a year to coaches who have successfully completed six hours of the Coaches Advancement Program. The GamePlans newsletter contains pertinent articles that will assist coaches in their daily planning. GamePlans also publishes a record of all coaches who have been certified through the MHSAA Coaches Advancement Program.

STATE CONTINUING EDUCATION CLOCK HOURS: State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) are available to coaches and can be used for the renewal of selected certificates issued by the Michigan Department of Education.  Coaches who complete a six-hour session are eligible to receive 6 SCECHs.

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Coaches Advancement Program Outline

CAP1 6 Hours
2.5 hours Coaches Make the Difference: MHSAA Philosophy and Regulations
1.5 hours Effective Instruction: The Coach as Teacher
2 hours Sports Medicine and First Aid
CAP2 6 Hours
2 hours Effective Communication: Characteristics of Coaches who are Great Communicators
2 hours Legal Issues in School Sports: A Game Plan to Meet Legal Needs
2 hours Psychology of Coaching
CAP3 6 Hours
2.5 hours Additional Coaching Responsibilities: Becoming Aware of your Many Resources
2 hours Effectively Working with Parents
1.5 hours The Coach as Performer: Managing Your Time and Energy Level
CAP4 6 Hours
2 hours Understanding Athlete Development
1.5 hours Preparing for Success
2.5 hours Strength and Conditioning: Designing Your Program
CAP5 6 Hours
2 hours Peak Health and Performance
2 hours Controlling Emotions in Pressure Situations
2 hours Resolving Conflicts in Athletics
CAP6 6 Hours
6 hours Hot Topics In Educational Athletics
CAP7 6 Hours
6 hours Hot Topics In Educational Athletics

Coaches Advancement Program Certification

CAP Beginning Certification = 12 hours
CAP Intermediate Certification = 18 hours
CAP Advanced Certification = 24 hours
CAP Masters Certification = 30 hours
CAP Masters Elite Certification = 36 hours
CAP Masters Elite+ Certification = 42 hours

Certification would occur after the first 12 hours (CAP 1 and 2) with subsequent increments of 6 hours for a total of 42 hours available. Additional units may be written.