Tony Bihn, Director of Information Systems
Jordan Cobb, Assistant Director, Information Systems
Andy Frushour, Director of Brand Management
Nate Hampton, Assistant Director
Dan Hutcheson, Assistant Director
Cody Inglis, Assistant Director
Rob Kaminski, Website & Publications Coordinator
Geoff Kimmerly, Communications Director
Camala Kinder, Administrative Assistant
Cole Malatinsky, Administrative Assistant
Peggy Montpas, Accounting Manager
Andrea Osters, Assistant Director
Thomas M. Rashid, Associate Director
Brent Rice, Assistant Director
Laura Roberts, Receptionist/Officials Registrar
Jon Ross, Broadcast and Media Coordinator
Adam Ryder, Assistant Director, Information Systems
Mark Uyl, Executive Director
Jamie VanDerMoere, Administrative Assistant
Faye Verellen, Administrative Assistant
Tricia Wieferich, Administrative Assistant
Kathy Vruggink Westdorp, Assistant Director
Paige Winne, Administrative Assistant
Karen Yonkers, Executive Assistant