Somewhere along the way in my unremarkable basketball career, a coach yelled, "Rebounding is the key." And somewhere along the way in my life, I learned that rebounding is not merely the key to basketball.

Somewhere along the way, a basketball coach told me the key to rebounding was effort. Not the luck of the bounce, but effort. Working to get into proper position; working to get to the ball. Over and over again. Relentlessly.
Along the way of my decidedly unspectacular athletic career, other coaches converted that message to other sports:

• After a strikeout or error – rebound.
• After a dropped pass or missed block or tackle – rebound.
• After a penalty – rebound.
• After a loss – rebound.
• After a winless season – rebound.

Anybody who plays, coaches or officiates sport knows that disappointments will occur. They are unavoidable. The key to success as a player, coach or official is to keep going. To rebound.

Through sport, somewhere along the way I got the message that the key to life is not a lucky bounce, but rebounding:

• After a failed exam – rebound.
• After a graduate school rejection – rebound.
• After an injury or illness – rebound.

As we enter a new year, let's keep in mind that whatever setbacks we experienced in 2002 can be overcome. By working to get ourselves back into proper position, and then going for it. Over and over again. Relentlessly.

Happy New Year!