All schedule changes will be on the scoreboard page when determined--click here

When the weather predicted for the tournament is questionable we want your team and supporters to be aware that if we experience delays caused by weather certain guidelines will be observed:

1. Games may be rescheduled to accommodate the conditions. Times may be changed and additional fields may be scheduled.

2. For softball, all additional fields are located at Bailey Park.

3. For baseball, the three fields at Bailey park plus Battle Creek-Lakeview High School and/or Battle Creek-Central High School fields may be used.

4. It is possible that four games could be scheduled simultaneously on the fields available in each sport (8 total).

5. No game will start after 9 p.m.

6. No inning will start after 11 p.m. for any game.

7. Complete games (as defined by the MHSAA General Information Bulletin - 4 1/2 or 5 innings which extend beyond 11 p.m. will not qualify as a suspended game.

8. Coaches are urged to maintain contact with the tournament site throughout the weekend if there are questions (517-332-5046). Request Extension 254 or punch in “6” if greeted by automated attendant.

9. Updates will be posted in the tournament hotels, Flannery Field (softball complex) and C. O. Brown Stadium.

10. When changes to the schedule are made each team will be invited to send one representative to a meeting at a location to be announced to receive the changes. Information will be posted on the MHSAA web site (www.mhsaa. com) as soon as it is confirmed.

11. It may be necessary to amend the schedule more than one time if conditions require.

12. If games must be cancelled, games yet to be played will be scheduled for the following Monday. Revised schedules will be placed on the MHSAA web site (