As has been written many places, for a sector of 34.92 ° the ratio of the distance between the sector lines to the distance fif the sector lines is 6 to 10 (i.e. 6:10 or 6/10 or .6). Using these figures, here is what you'll need for laying out the 34.92 ° sector for discus and shot.

1) 3 screwdrivers or 3 small metal stakes
2) a 100' tape and 150' or larger tape
3) either a felt-tip marker or can of spray paint
4) 3 people (total) to do the layout

Assuming that you wish to uniformly "bring in" the side sector lines from the old 60 ° sector, do the following:

1) Locate the middle of the front edge of the discus pad
2) With person #1 holding the "0" end on the center of the discus ring, person #2 stretches a 100' tape out across the middle mark of the front edge of the discus pad and wen on out to 100'. Pull tape taut and lay it in the grass. Person #1 stays on the center of the discus ring
3) Stick a screwdriver #1 into ground on this stretched 100' tape at 95'4 V"
4) With person #1 also holding the zero end of the 2nd longer tape on the center of the discus ring, have person #2 come back to the ring and stretch the longer tape out to exactly the 130' mark and place that 130' mark at the screwdriver #1 mark (for a minute, the longer tape will not be taut)
5) Person #3 holds the longer tape at the 100' mark and pulls it taut so mat the longer tape forms a triangle with the #1 and #2 person. When both "sides" are taut, put screwdriver #2 into the ground at the 100' mark. The line between the center of the ring and screwdriver at #2 is the desired right sector line. You can then extend this sector line as long as you want (i.e. 200' or more)
6) Repeat same process for the left sector side.

A suggestion would be to scratch or paint permanent marks where sector lines cross either on actual ring or front edge of pad. This will east future layout.

Same process only divide numbers in half (i.e.)
1) Change 95'4 3/4" to 47'8 3/8"
2) 100'to 50'
3) 30'to 15'