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MHSAA Representative Council Adopts Revised Transfer Regulation at Spring Meeting

The adoption of major changes to the Michigan High School Athletic Association transfer regulation was among notable actions taken by the Representative Council during its annual Spring Meeting, May 6-7, in Gaylord, in addition to the selection of the Association’s next executive director announced in a previous release May 8. 

From the Director

The Pencil Tale

From time to time you will experience a painful sharpening, but remember that this will make you a better pencil.

Bet On It

It is impossible to know all the consequences . . . of expanding legalized gambling in our society generally and on sports particularly.

Exploring Esports

At least a half-dozen of our counterpart organizations across the US will conduct or endorse esports seasons and tournaments for high schools during 2018-19.

Mountaintop Experience

I’ve been at the top of the mountain; why would I ever go anywhere else?
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