Knowing something about when change is needed, and when it’s not, is essential; and knowing how to effect change when it’s needed is important.  Sports teams and their coaches can provide administrators a good tip.

When teams are in a bad losing streak, good coaches will often tell their kids to recall the fundamentals and teach them back to the basics.

On the other hand, when teams are going along just fine, don’t the really good coaches add some new wrinkles, some new plays, to keep their team sharp?  They add some ingredients; stir the pot, to help keep their team’s competitive edge.

The good leader, and necessary leadership, encourages and assures a “team” during tough times; but during tranquil times, that leader keeps stirring the pot to avoid complacency.

In high school athletic administration, we need leadership in both times, and we need high school athletic directors to be the leaders and have the skills for both times.  For the high school athletic director must stay in the whole game; there is no middle relief, setup man or closer in high school athletic administration.

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