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The critic can be unbothered by truth, accuracy and accountability. We cannot.

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As I have said and written before, our transfer regulation is an inadequate tool for the fight ahead of us. 

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In the MHSAA Handbook there are 12 high school athletic eligibility regulations covered over 25 pages, and one-fourth of these pages are devoted to one rule: the transfer regulation.

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There is an increased sense among the MHSAA’s constituents that it’s nearly impossible to advance deeply into the MHSAA’s postseason tournaments with “home grown” talent . . .

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A recent blog (“Troubling Transfers”) brought us several responses where the writer had student-specific issues, to which we do not respond here.

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The most troublesome aspect of the transfer regulation is that it does not stop or penalize all transfers that are primarily for athletic reasons. 

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