A student involved in such an experience as this could not help but provide glue and grace to a student body.

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Praise is often heaped upon the innovative person who thinks “outside the box.”  But thinking “inside the box” is equally praiseworthy.

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The greatest disappointments I experience in the administration of educational athletics are when I observe the program miss the opportunity to educate students in ways that will instill positive character traits.

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In “the good ol’ days” order was kept, not just because people prayed in school or taught morality, but because students understood there were consequences for breaking rules.

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As an athlete, I dreaded the days.  Even when I was a returning starter, I approached with anxiety the page taped to the locker room door that would indicate who made the high school basketball team . . .

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At the middle school level, coaches have an opportunity to look down the bench for substitutes without first looking up at the scoreboard.

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These parents were almost sick with worry that if their sons and daughters did not play one sport year-round, starting now, they wouldn’t make the team in high school.

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It is at this time each year, especially, that I’m made more aware of the harm and heartache that exists in our students’ homes, if they are lucky enough to have a home.

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