Michigan’s welcoming foreign exchange program network and the MHSAA’s accommodating rules have caused there to be more placements in Michigan schools than any other state during each of the last two school years.

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The most troublesome aspect of the transfer regulation is that it does not stop or penalize all transfers that are primarily for athletic reasons. 

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 If a school returns a concussed athlete to play without an MD or DO’s written authorization, that school has used an ineligible athlete and the result of the contest is a forfeit.  We’ve got a rule; and it’s got teeth.

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Teachers have been back for days, and the kids have been bored for weeks.  Finally, teachers can teach and students can learn.

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From all the reports of program reductions, it comes as a surprise to learn that high school sports participation increased during 2010-11 on both the national and state levels.

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“I’d also like to see the high school coaches rededicate themselves to teaching humility, civility and respect for the opposition, the public and the media . . .”

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 It’s an American tradition like nowhere else in the world; and it’s helping to strengthen schools, students and communities of all kinds and in all places. 

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FORTUNE magazine is unveiling its “Executive Dream Team” of what it calls “corporate all-stars,” extending the sports metaphor even further.

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