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This Week in the MHSAA - Week of Nov. 11

BIG WEEKEND – Finals take place this weekend in three tournaments.  The final round of Girls Volleyball takes place; the Lower Peninsula Girls Swimming & Diving Prelims and Finals are Friday and Saturday; and the Finals in the 8-Player Football Playoffs are set for Saturday.

This is Semifinal Final week in the 11-Player Football Playoffs.

You can find Final Tournament Notes in all sports on the Media Tournament Information page of the MHSAA Website.


FOX SPORTS PREP ZONE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF COVERAGE – FOX Sports Detroit will cover three 11-Player Football Playoff Semifinal games on the Prep Zone this week; and the Final games of the 8-Player Football Playoffs in Marquette.  Coverage begins Saturday at 11 a.m.  All games will be available on the website and on the FOX Sports app.  All games will be archived for on-demand viewing on the NFHS Network and MHSAA.TV.


NFHS NETWORK/MHSAA.TV FOOTBALL PLAYOFF COVERAGE – A total of 13 11-Player Football Playoff Semifinal games will be streamed live on the NFHS Network and MHSAA.TV on a subscription basis.  Most games will have coverage provided by participants in the MHSAA’s School Broadcast Program, traveling to the pre-determined sites. 


NFHS NETWORK/MHSAA.TV VOLLEYBALL & SWIMMING PLAYOFF COVERAGE – The Semifinals and Finals of the Girls Volleyball Tournament, and Saturday’s Lower Peninsula Girls Swimming & Diving Finals will be streamed live on the NFHS Network and MHSAA.TV on a subscription basis. 


VIDEO COVERAGE NOTE  – Video coverage of all events this week by FOX Sports Detroit and the NFHS Network/MHSAA.TV is exclusive.  Those games are not available for local origination. 


MHSAANETWORK.COM AUDIO THIS WEEK  - Free audio streams of the Girls Volleyball Semifinals and Finals, as well as the 8-Player Football Finals will be available online at


MEDIA SHOULD CALL IN ADVANCE – All media covering MHSAA Tournaments should always call the local site in advance to let the Tournament Manager know that you’re coming.  Don’t assume that because you’ve covered a school all season long and have an MHSAA Tournament Media Pass in hand that you’ll have appropriate access and accommodations waiting for you.

And a reminder that only Tournament Media Passes for the 2018-19 school year will be honored. 


IMPORTANT CREDENTIAL REMINDERS – This weekend, MHSAA Finals will be conducted in three tournaments.  For two of those tournaments – Girls Volleyball and Lower Peninsula Girls Swimming & Diving – If you already have MHSAA Tournament Media passes – DO NOTHING.  Those individuals will be admitted at the respective sites. If you are sending someone to a site who does not have a Tournament Media Pass – you must fill out the online form which can be found on the Credentials page of the website.

The deadline for the Swimming & Diving and Volleyball events is 4 p.m. on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14

For the 8-player and 11-Player Football Finals – all media wishing to attend – including outlets with Tournament Media Passes – must fill out the online form and submit it by the deadline for each sport .  These forms can also be found on the Credentials page of the website.

The deadline for the 8-Player Football Finals is 4 p.m. on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14

The deadline for the Girls Volleyball Semifinals & finals is 4 p.m. on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14.

The deadline for the 11-Player Football Finals is 4 p.m. on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19.   The applicaiton form will be posted Wednesday evening.

Outlets are advised to remind any freelance photographers they hire to cover MHSAA Tournaments that the images are the property of the outlet – not of the individual photographer – and any distribution of those images must be consistent with the outlet’s policies.  This is one of those times of year where a “team” photographer may ask for help in securing a photo pass – remind them the images are your property as a condition of requesting and using the pass.


WE’RE DONE WITH TOURNAMENT MEDIA PASSES FOR THE FALL – We will not be processing requests for Tournament Media Passes until after Fall tournaments are over.  We will still issue passes for selected Finals events using online forms to accommodate outlets needing credentials for working staff who do not have Tournament Media Passes.  For all rounds of all tournaments – even if you have Tournament Media Passes – please call ahead; and for the Football Finals you will have to pre-register online for admission.


BROADCASTING REMINDERS – Outlets wishing to broadcast audio or video of MHSAA Tournaments are reminded that they must apply in advance in of the games with the MHSAA.  Even if you have been covering a team all year, you must apply for broadcast rights.

A few other reminders:

  • Do not apply for Football Playoff games until after the schedules have been loaded into the online system, which takes place by Noon on Monday the first week of the playoffs.
  • Applying first for a game does not mean your application will be given priority over other applications.  In general, priority is given to the home team primary outlet as designated by that school’s athletic administration; then the visiting team primary outlet as designated by that school’s athletic administration.
  • Audio broadcasts are limited to 2 press box seats, if available.  An additional 3rd seat may be granted by tournament manager in football on a space-available basis.
  • No video originations will be approved for tournament sites where FOX Sports Detroit PrepZone and MHSAA.TV/NFHS Network originations are taking place.
  • Other than games on FOX and the NFHS Network, live rights will not be granted for video on any platform – and that includes in-game highlights.
  • Any games being originated via social media platforms (i.e., Facebook Live or Periscope) must be delayed until the end of the contest.  The same rights fees and rules apply.  The posting of less than three minutes of highlights (not counting interviews, pre-game/halftime activities) following a game is allowed without submitting a broadcast application or rights fees.


MULTI-MEDIA REGULATIONS – Here’s the shorthand version of regulations for media outlets wishing to broadcast events in their entirety or posting highlights of games, regardless of the platform – over-the-air radio/television, cable/satellite television, internet – including social media (Facebook-Twitter-Periscope, etc.); and still image use.

  • Audio:  During the regular season, all arrangements are between member schools and media outlets.  When MHSAA Tournaments begin, if you’re broadcasting a game in its entirety, you must apply for rights through the MHSAA Office – even if the event is at the site of a school you’ve been covering all year.  Updates of games inserted into broadcasts do not require an application, but cannot include any live description of the action taking place.
  • Video:  Nothing live at any time on any platform of entire games – regular-season or post-season.  There is an exception for member schools which they must apply in writing for through the MHSAA Office, as well as MHSAA television partners – the NFHS Network and FOX Sports Detroit.  Everything must be delayed until after the contest is concluded.

Outlets wishing to go live with pre-game, halftime and post-game content may do so. 

During MHSAA Tournaments, if you’re using more than three minutes of game action, you must submit a broadcast application and pay the applicable rights fee.  There are no restrictions on interviews.  All game footage must be delayed – nothing live at any time.  Any standups, interviews, etc., before a game, at halftime, or post-game can be live.  The three-minute restriction applies to dual competition (i.e. a lacrosse game, baseball, softball, soccer).  For other sports (individual track, tennis, golf), up to 20 minutes of game action is allowed daily on a delayed basis from a site.

  • Still Images:  There are no restrictions during the regular season.  For MHSAA Tournaments, a media outlet may use still images created at tournaments for purposes consistent with its normal publication/business functions.  Media outlets must have an agreement with its freelance photographers where the outlet retains all rights; and which does not allow for the selling of images beyond the outlet’s normal policies.

These terms and conditions which all outlets must agree to when applying for and using MHSAA Tournament Credentials can be found on the Credentials page of the MHSAA Website.


HEAD TO THE MEDIA INFORMATION PAGE - The number of calls we get weekly from media members looking for information could be saved by just clicking on the Media Information page of the MHSAA Website.  It is the jumping-off point for everything from credentials to tournament information specifically for the media.  You can also make a quick jump to key information by going to the black box at the bottom of many pages of the MHSAA Website.

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