Media Credential Information

All requests for credentials must be made by the Sports Editor, Sports Director, Photo Editor or Assignment Desk.  By submitting a credentials request, the requesting party agrees to all of the MHSAA Terms & Conditions for media credential usage. No credential requests are guaranteed. The MHSAA reserves the right to deny any request for any reason. The MHSAA does not issue credentials for freelance writers, freelance or commercial photographers, or recruiting services. For more information, refer to the MHSAA Multimedia Regulations

For Regular-Season Games

Media should always contact the host site, usually through the athletic director, in advance of attending regular-season games they wish to attend in a working capacity.  This common courtesy will better help the host AD plan for the event. 

MHSAA Credentialing Protocol - Pre Finals

Media should always contact site managers in advance for all District, Regional and Quarterfinal events, and for Semifinals and Finals in events not listed on this page - THE MHSAA OFFICE DOES NOT ISSUE THOSE CREDENTIALS.  

MHSAA Credentialing Protocol - Finals

The Credential Request Form link below will be made active as Finals events approach.   In general, you may not apply for Finals credentials until after the Regional round of play is completed for a sport.    Here are the Winter events and their application windows:

  • Team Wrestling Semifinals & Finals - Feb. 15 through Feb. 22 @ 4 p.m.
  • Individual Wrestling Finals - Feb. 18 through Feb. 27 @ 4 p.m. (Tournament Media Pass holders must also apply)
  • Girls Competitive Cheer Finals - Feb. 25 through March 1 @ 4 p.m.
  • L.P. Boys Swimming & Diving Finals - March 1 through March 8 @ 4 p.m.
  • Ice Hockey Finals - March 4 through March 9 @ 10 a.m. - NOTE NEW DEADLINE
  • Girls Basketball Semifinals & Finals - March 9 through March 14 @ 4 p.m. (Tournament Media Pass holders must also apply)
  • Boys Basketball Semifinals & Finals - March 14 through March 19 @ 4 p.m. (Tournament Media Pass holders must also apply)

Tournament Media Pass holders must apply for the Individual Wrestling and Basketball events listed above so that appropriate seating and other arrangements can be made.

We are no longer accepting credential applications for:

Boys Basketball Semifinals & Finals - Deadline:  March 22, 4 p.m.

Girls Basketball Semifinals & Finals - Deadline:  March 15, 4 p.m.

Ice Hockey Finals - Deadline:  March 9, 10 a.m. 

L.P. Boys Swimming & Diving Finals - Deadline March 8, 4 p.m. 

Girls Competitive Cheer Finals - Deadline: March 1, 4 p.m.

Individual Wrestling Finals - Deadline: Feb. 27, 4 p.m.

Team Dual Wrestling Finals Media Hotel Reservations - Deadline: Feb. 20, 4 p.m.

Team Dual Wrestling Finals - Deadline: Feb. 22, 4 p.m. 

MHSAA Tournament Media Passes

The MHSAA will issue annually, Tournament Media Passes to those established media outlets which cover high school sports on a daily basis. These passes have come to be generally honored at regular-season contests, even though host sites are under no obligation to do so. It is still good form to call a site to let them know you're coming in advance - even if your site has been issued a pass from the MHSAA.

Most passes are issued at the beginning of the school year, but the MHSAA will fill requests on a per request basis throughout the year to accommodate additions to an outlet's staff.

We will begin accepting applications again for Tournament Media Passes in April.  

CLICK HERE to order additional passes if your outlet has already received Tournament Media Passes this year.

If your outlet has not received Tournament Media Passes this year,
and you are making a first-time request, CLICK HERE.