MHSAA Officials Emblems

All registered officials will be issued a permanent emblem that shall be displayed on the uniform while officiating MHSAA member school contests. This will make uniform preparation more convenient for officials by eliminating the annual registration emblem.

Emblems will be issued as follows:
All new officials will receive two emblems at a minimum.
If an official registers in more than two sports, that official will receive one emblem for each additional sport.
All renewing officials will receive one emblem when the registration process has been completed.

MHSAA Officials’ emblems are TO BE WORN BY EACH OFFICIAL REGISTERED with the Michigan High School Athletic Association in boys and girls athletics, including baseball, basketball, competitive cheer, cross country, football, gymnastics, ice hockey, boys lacrosse, girls lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, track and field, volleyball, and wrestling. The MHSAA patch is mandatory; optional patches are limited to Approved Officials Association and American Flag patches. All other patches and numbers shall be removed from the uniform when working MHSAA contests.

Additional emblems, may be purchased for $1 each at the time of registration. A single local, state or national officials association emblem may be worn on the right sleeve of any required officials’ uniform. The Trainer emblem may be worn on the left sleeve.

American Flag Patch: National Federation rules allow for an American flag patch, not to exceed 2 by 3 inches, to be worn on a uniform jersey, provided the patch does not interfere with the visibility of the number of on the jersey. A 2 by 3 inch American flag patch may also be worn on a swimming suit or tennis uniform. It is permitted for officials to affix an American flag patch on their uniforms as long as it is placed on the left shirtsleeve of the uniform. It is recommended that the flag patch not exceed 2 by 3 inches, the same size restriction as player uniforms.
Similarly, Give A Game patches obtained by contributing game fees to Officials for Kids should also be worn on the left shirtsleeve of the uniform.

MHSAA Final Officials’ emblems will be issued to all registered officials selected and assigned to officiate the final event in any sport. This emblem may be worn by the official when officiating the sport in which he/she received the final assignment. Following the finals, the official may elect to wear the emblem in conjunction with the current patch in the sport in which the final assignment was made or the official may elect to wear the final emblem and that year’s patch on the right sleeve of the referee’s jacket.

If you have any questions regarding the emblem procedure, please contact the MHSAA at 517-332-5046.