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General Requirements (all levels): To be eligible for tournament consideration, an official must have completed or attended the current year rules meeting, have officiated a minimum of five contests during the current season (four at the same position*), submit a season schedule to the MHSAA for review, have compiled at least 16 ratings over the previous three years and be listed as a Member in Good Standing with a Local Approved Association in the sport.
Pre-District, District or Regional Level(s): An official must have (at minimum) a 2.5 three-year average rating.
Semifinal or Final level(s): An official must have (at minimum) a 2.1 three-year average rating and shall complete and pass the current year rules exam (≥80%).
Postseason Limitations: An official that works a Final in any position is ineligible for another Final consideration for the next three seasons.
* Officials working as a Side Judge or Field Judge for at least four games during the regular season may submit their position for tournament consideration as a Back Judge, Head Linesman, or Line Judge. Officials selected for the Side Judge or Field Judge positions for the Semifinal and Final levels will be considered from a list of eligible officials that have worked a minimum of four games during the current season at the Side Judge, Field Judge, Back Judge, Head Linesman or Line Judge position(s).

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Blindside Block

Rule 2.3.10 adding a definition for Blindside Blocks is a major change which in summary states that such blocks are illegal if not delivered with legal positioning and “Open Hands”. The rule aims to lessen excessive and unnecessary contact.

Please see this video presentation provided by the Oregon School Activities Association for their 2016 Football experiment that is now published as the NFHS new rule. Additionally, this video from Hawaii.

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