Please advise students of the 2021-22 test date schedule. Your students should be aware of athletic tournament dates and should attempt to schedule their respective test date away from tournament dates of the sport or sports in which they are interested and participate. Following are test dates for 2021-22 (publicized as of June 18, 2021) and dates where tournaments would create conflict.


August 28, 2021 -- None
October 2, 2021 -- UP Girls Tennis
November 6, 2021 -- LP Cross Country Finals, LP Boys Soccer Finals,
   11-Player Football Districts, 8-Player Football Regionals

December 4, 2021 -- None
March 12, 2022 -- Girls Gymnastics Finals, Ice Hockey Finals, LP Boys Swimming & Diving Finals
May 7, 2022 -- None
June 4, 2022 -- Baseball Districts, Softball Districts, LP Boys Golf Regionals, UP Boys Tennis Finals,
    Boys Lacrosse Regionals, Girls Lacrosse Regionals, LP Girls Soccer Districts, LP Girls Tennis Finals,  
    LP and UP Track & Field Finals, UP Boys Tennis Finals, UP Boys & Girls Golf Finals


September 11, 2021 -- None
October 23, 2021 -- LP Boys Soccer Districts, UP Cross Country Finals 
December 11, 2021 -- None
February 12, 2022 -- None
April 2, 2022 -- None
June 11, 2022 -- LP Boys Golf Finals, Boys and Girls Lacrosse Finals,
    Baseball Regionals; Softball Regionals, LP Girls Soccer Regionals

July 16, 2022 -- None


October 13 (During school) -- Girls Golf Regionals       
October 16 -- Girls Golf Finals 

October 26 (Make up, during school) -- None 


May 2-6, 9-13, 2022 -- None

(Advanced Placement Exams are administered over a five-day period for each subject)


The Michigan Department of Education instituted a spring online testing period which involves a window of approximately four or seven weeks. At the time of the MHSAA Handbook printing, the 2021-22 window was published as Monday-Friday, April 11-May 6, 2022. The window does not appear to conflict with MHSAA spring tournaments and has apparently increased flexibility as the online tests may be administered on any instructional day and not all students.  It also appears that make up test dates are established within the window.  

International Baccalaureate Testing involves daytime testing windows that occur during school days and may extend into evening hours.  There are two IB Testing windows that may conflict with many MHSAA tournament events:  Oct. 25-Nov. 12, 2021 and April 28-May 20, 2022.  Fall IB testing may conflict with daytime events such as LP XC Regionals and LP Girls Swimming & Diving Regionals. Spring IB testing may conflict with LP Track & Field Regionals and LP Girls Tennis Regionals.  

Tournament Managers Materials

If your school is hosting any level of MHSAA postseason tournaments, please find pertinent materials and forms on the specific sport pages of the website by clicking on "Sports" in the upper left corner of the page. Each sport page has a tab for Tournament Managers and Participating Schools included in that page's navigation.

Efficiency is Effective...

The MHSAA is always willing to assist with issues concerning Association regulations. Please remember, however, the most efficient method of communication with the MHSAA on eligibility questions is through the athletic director or principal. Athletic directors should gather all information necessary on a question and then call or write the MHSAA. Coaches or parents calling the MHSAA on eligibility matters can create confusion and delay. ADs or principals are encouraged to contact the MHSAA office directly. Please follow this efficient path of communication.