Girls Golf Team Champions 1973-2020

Lower Peninsula


Year Champion (Coach) Runner-Up
2020 Northville (Chris Cronin) Rochester Adams
2019  Northville (Chris Cronin) Grosse Pointe South
2018  Northville (Chris Cronin) Plymouth
2017  Traverse City West (Karl Gagnon)
2016  Rochester (Jeff Haney) Novi
2015  Traverse City West (Kristen Nolan)* Rochester
2014  East Kentwood (Andy Giarmo) Lake Orion
2013 Plymouth (Dan Young) Rochester Hills Stoney Creek
2012  Plymouth (Dan Young) Farmington Hills Mercy 
2011 Grosse Pointe South (Peter Kingsley) Rochester Hills Stoney Creek
2010 Saline (Betsy French) Rochester Hills Stoney Creek
2009 Rochester (Jeff Haney) Saline
2008 Rochester (Jeff Haney) Grosse Pointe South
2007 (Fall) Grand Blanc (Martha Ryan) Rochester
2007 (Spring) Lake Orion (Meagan Daly) Grand Blanc
2006 Grand Blanc (Martha Ryan) Ann Arbor Pioneer
2005 Grand Blanc (Martha Ryan) Rochester
2004 Grand Blanc (Martha Ryan) Northville
2003 Grosse Ile (Richard Spratt) Grand Blanc
2002  Rochester (Hal Commerson) Farmington Hills Mercy 
2001  Farmington Hills Mercy (Vicki Kowalski) Traverse City Central 
2000  Grand Blanc (Martha Ryan) Traverse City Central
1999 Farmington Hills Mercy (Vicki Kowalski) Rochester Adams

* Won on 5th score tiebreaker


Year Champion (Coach) Runner-Up
2020 South Lyon (Daniel Skatzka) Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern 
2019  Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern (Kent Graves) South Lyon
2018  Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern (Kent Graves)  Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
2017  Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern (Kent Graves)
Bloomfield Hills Marian
2016  Midland Dow (Doug Bradford) Birmingham Seaholm
2015  Birmingham Seaholm (Leon Braisted)  Midland Dow
2014  Birmingham Seaholm (Leon Braisted) South Lyon
2013 Birmingham Seaholm (Leon Braisted) Okemos
2012  Muskegon Mona Shores (John Brainard)  Battle Creek Lakeview 
2011 Muskegon Mona Shores (John Brainard) Birmingham Seaholm
2010  Muskegon Mona Shores (John Brainard)  Traverse City Central 
2009 Muskegon Mona Shores (John Brainard) Battle Creek Lakeview
2008 Birmingham Seaholm (Leon Braisted III) Battle Creek Lakeview
2007 (Fall) Dewitt (Steve Crowley) Birmingham Seaholm
2007 (Spring) Dexter (Fred Ligrow) Livonia Ladywood
2006  Birmingham Seaholm (Leon Braisted) Dexter
2005  Dexter (Marc Militello) Birmingham Seaholm
2004  Dexter (Marc Militello) Birmingham Seaholm
2003  Swartz Creek (Bill Benn) East Grand Rapids
2002 Caledonia (Gus Wagner) Portage Central
2001  Coldwater (Roger Fuller) Swartz Creek
2000  Coldwater (Roger Fuller) Clio
1999 Coldwater (Roger Fuller) Clio


Year Champion (Coach) Runner-Up
2020  Bloomfield Hills Marian (Leon Braisted) Macomb Lutheran North
2019  Bloomfield Hills Marian (Leon Braisted) Flint Powers Catholic
2018  Flint Powers Catholic (Jim Snow) Grand Rapids South Christian
2017  Macomb Lutheran North (Lori Gill)
Grand Rapids South Christian
2016  Spring Lake (George Bitner)  Pontiac Notre Dame Prep
2015  Spring Lake (George Bitner) Goodrich
2014  Spring Lake (George Bitner) Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook-Kingswood
2013 Detroit Country Day (Peggy Steffan) Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook-Kingswood
2012  Ada Forest Hills Eastern (Brian Telzerow) Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook-Kingswood 
2011 Grosse Ile (Jim Bennett) Grand Rapids South Christian
2010 Grand Rapids Forest Hills Eastern (Brian Telzerow)  Hastings
2009 Grand Rapids South Christian (Rod Van Dyke) Grand Rapids Forest Hills Eastern
2008 Flint Powers Catholic (Jim Snow) Grand Rapids South Christian
2007(Fall)  Flint Powers Catholic (Jim Snow) Grand Rapids South Christian
2007 (Spring) Grand Rapids South Christian (Rod Van Dyke) Flint Powers Catholic
2006  Bloomfield Hills Cranbook-Kingswood (Joseph Smith) Ann Arbor Greenhills
2005  DeWitt (Steve Crowley) Grosse Ile
2004  Jackson Lumen Christi (Dave Swartout) Flint Powers Catholic
2003  Jackson Lumen Christi (Beth Conway) Grand Rapids South Christian
2002 Grosse Ile (Richard Spratt) Grand Rapids South Christian
2001  Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook-Kingswood (Del Walden) Caledonia
2000  Grosse Ile (Richard Spratt) Caledonia
1999 East Grand Rapids (Dave Ghareeb) Grosse Ile


Year Champion (Coach) Runner-Up
2020  Montague (Phillip Kerr) Lansing Catholic
2019  Grand Rapids NorthPointe Christian (Brian Langerak) Harbor Springs
2018  Harbor Springs (Pete Kelbel) Shepherd
2017  Harbor Springs (Pete Kelbel)
Jackson Lumen Christi
2016  Macomb Lutheran North (Lori Gill)  Livonia Ladywood
2015  Kalamazoo Hackett Prep (Alan Radomsky)  Macomb Lutheran North
2014  Kalamazoo Hackett (Alan Radomsky) Harbor Springs
2013 Grosse Ile (Jim Bennett) Grand Rapids NorthPointe Christian 
2012  Lansing Catholic (Mary Schafer)  Kalamazoo Hackett 
2011 Lansing Catholic (Mary Schafer) Flint Powers Catholic
2010  Lansing Catholic (Mary Schafer)  Grosse Ile 
2009 Grosse Ile (Jim Bennett) Jackson Lumen Christi


Year Champion (Coach) Runner-Up
1988 Grand Blanc (Judy Clegg) Jackson Lumen Christi
1987 East Lansing (Evonne Picard) Mt. Pleasant
1986 Ann Arbor Pioneer (Steve Rodriguez) Grand Blanc
1985 Grand Blanc (Judy Clegg) Mt. Pleasant
1984 Lansing Waverly (Bob McKnight) Birmingham Groves
1983 Lansing Waverly (Bob McKnight) Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern
1982 Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern (Jackie Petchauer) Lansing Waverly
1981 Lansing Waverly (Bob McKnight) Charlotte
1980 Sturgis (Ann Shilbach) Mt. Pleasant
1979 East Grand Rapids (Shari Graham) Davison
1978 Mt. Pleasant (Jean Murray) Charlotte
1977 Flushing (Robert Geese) Mt. Pleasant
1976 Clarkston (Jim Chamberlain) Mt. Pleasant
1975 Clarkston (Doug Pierson) Hastings
1974 Hastings (Cynthia Robbe) East Grand Rapids
1973 Bloomfield Hills Lahser (Bill Rea) East Grand Rapids


Year Champion (Coach) Runner-Up
1998 Grandville (Tom Peddie) Clio
1997 Grandville (Tom Peddie) Clio
1996 Kalamazoo Central (Victor Callahan) Clio
1995 Kalamazoo Central (Victor Callahan) Clio
1994 Kalamazoo Central (Victor Callahan) Bloomfield Hills Lahser
1993 Ann Arbor Pioneer (Steve Rodriguez) Kalamazoo Central
1992 East Lansing (Evonne Picard) Grand Ledge
1991 Grand Blanc (Judy Clegg) Mt. Pleasant
1990 Mt. Pleasant (Steve Robbins) Grand Blanc
1989 Flint Powers Catholic (Jack Snow) Mt. Pleasant


Year Champion (Coach) Runner-Up
1998 Grosse Ile (Richard Spratt) East Grand Rapids
1997 Grosse Ile (Richard Spratt) East Grand Rapids
1996 Grosse Ile (Fred Appleyard) Flint Powers Catholic
1995 Jackson Lumen Christi (Ann Best) Grosse Ile
1994 Flint Powers Catholic (Jack Snow) Jackson Lumen Christi
1993 Flint Powers Catholic (Jack Snow) Lansing Catholic Central
1992 Jackson Lumen Christi (Ann Best) Lansing Catholic Central
1991 Saline (Clem Corona) Jackson Lumen Christi
1990 Saline (Clem Corona) Jackson Lumen Christi
1989 Jackson Lumen Christi (Chuck Kloack) Saline

Upper Peninsula


Year Champion (Coach) Runner-Up
2020  Season Canceled (COVID-19)  
2019  Menominee (Tony Hofer)  Escanaba 
Escanaba (Brian Robinette)  Houghton
2017  Escanaba (Brian Robinette)  Gladstone
2016  Escanaba (Brian Robinette) Houghton
2015  Houghton (Corey Markham)  Marquette
2014  Houghton (Corey Markham)  Marquette
2013  Houghton (Corey Markham)  Marquette 
2012 Houghton (Corey Markham)  Calumet 
2011 Houghton (Corey Markham) Gladstone
2010 Ishpeming Westwood (Anthony Lofaro)  Marquette
2009 Gladstone (Bob Davison) Marquette
2008 Menominee (Greg Jeske) Gladstone
2007 Marquette (Ben Smith) Gladstone
2006 Houghton (Jack Kumpula) Menominee
2005 Iron Mountain (Don Bianco) Menominee
2004 Menominee (Greg Jeske) Gladstone
2003  Menominee (Greg Jeske) Gladstone
2002  Gladstone (Bob Davison) Escanaba
2001  Menominee (Greg Jeske) Marquette


Year Champion (Coach) Runner-Up
2020  Season Canceled (COVID-19)  
2019  West Iron County (Mark Martini) Crystal Fall Forest Park 
Painesdale-Jeffers (Tyler Bailey) Munising
2017  Munising (Bette Immel) Crystal Falls Forest Park 
2016  Iron Mountain (Bucky Johnson) West Iron County
2015  Manistique (Deb Taylor) Iron Mountain
2014  Iron Mountain (Don Bianco) Westwood
2013  Iron Mountain (Don Bianco) Ironwood 
2012 Ishpeming Westwood (Jared Koski)  Bark River-Harris 
2011 Ishpeming Westwood (Anthony Lofaro) Manistique
2010 Manistique (Mike Powers) Munising
2009 Ishpeming Westwood (Anthony Lofaro) Munising
2008 Manistique (Mike Powers) Ishpeming
2007 Manistique (Mike Powers) West Iron County
2006 Manistique (Mike Powers) Ishpeming
2005 West Iron County (Barb Martini) Ontonagon
2004 Iron Mountain (Don Bianco) West Iron County
2003 Ishpeming Westwood (Irvin Dieterle) West Iron County
2002  Ishpeming Westwood (Irvin Dieterle) Iron Mountain
2001  Stambaugh West Iron County (Barb Martini) Iron Mountain


Year Champion (Coach) Runner-Up
2020  Season Canceled (COVID-19)  
2019  Ontonagon (Adam Spaulding)  Cedarville 
Ontonagon (Adam Spaulding)  Crystal Falls Forest Park
2017  DeTour (Ken Wilkie) Cedarville
2016  Cedarville (Dewey Lopes) DeTour
2015  Bark River-Harris (Scott Farnsworth)  Crystal Falls Forest Park
2014  Bark River-Harris (Scott Farnsworth) Crystal Falls Forest Park
2013  Munising (Bette Immel)  Bark River-Harris 
2012  Cedarville (Dewey Lopes) Painesdale-Jeffers 
2011 Ontonagon (Jim Bobula) Painesdale-Jeffers
2010 Ontonagon (Jim Bobula)  
2009 Ontonagon (Jim Bobula) Painesdale-Jeffers
2008 Ontonagon (Jim Bobula) Painesdale-Jeffers
2007 Painesdale Jeffers (Cheryl Ruohonen) Bessemer
2006 Painesdale Jeffers (Cheryl Ruohonen) Bessemer
2005 Cooks- Big Bay deNoc (Bonnie Rochefort) Bark River-Harris
2004 Cedarville (Rogert Rutledge) Ontonagon
2003 Crystal Falls Forest Park (Chris Larsen) Cedarville
2002  Ontonagon (Jim Bobula) Cooks-Big Bay deNoc
2001  Crystal Falls Forest Park (Chris Larsen)   Ontonagon 


Year Champion (Coach) Runner-Up
1977 Escanaba (Carol Courneene) Marquette
1976 Marquette (James Acocks) Escanaba
1975 Marquette (Lynn Paulsen) Escanaba
1974 Newberry Escanaba
1972* Pickford (Charles R. McHaney) Escanaba 

*The first UP Final was played during the fall of the 1972-73 school year. UP Girls Golf Finals moved to spring in 1974. 


Year Champion (Coach) Runner-Up
2000  Marquette (Mark Carlson)  Menominee 
1999 Marquette (Mark Carlson) Escanaba
1998 Escanaba (C. Marty Oslund) Menominee
1997 Menominee (Greg Jeske) Ishpeming Westwood
1996 Marquette (James Acocks) Gladstone
1995 Menominee (Pete Mayhew) Escanaba
1994 Escanaba (Doug Bovin) Menominee
1993 Ishpeming Westwood (Irvin Dieterle) Escanaba
1992 Menominee (Greg Jeske) Ishpeming Westwood
1991 Escanaba (Doug Bovin) Ishpeming Westwood
1990 Escanaba (Doug Bovin) Menominee
1989 Menominee (Greg Jeske) Escanaba
1988 Escanaba (Doug Bovin) Menominee
1987 Marquette (James Acocks) Escanaba
1986 Menominee (Greg Jeske) Marquette
1985 Menominee (Greg Jeske) Escanaba
1984 Menominee (Greg Jeske) Escanaba
1983 Menominee (Greg Jeske) Escanaba
1982 Menominee (Greg Jeske) Escanaba
1981 Escanaba (Carol Courneene) Menominee
1980 Escanaba (Carol Courneene) Marquette
1979 Menominee (Katie Jones) Escanaba
1978 Escanaba (Carol Courneene) Menominee


Year Champion (Coach) Runner-Up
1994 Ontonagon (Dennis Morin) Norway
1993 Norway (Dwight Castelaz) Calumet
1992 L'Anse (George Cram) Iron River-West Iron County
1991 Calumet (Dennis Kargela) Manistique
1990 Manistique (Mike Powers) Ontonagon
1989 Houghton (Bob Backon) Ishpeming Westwood
1988 Manistique (Mike Powers) Ontonagon
1987 Ontonagon (Dennis Morin) Iron Mountain
1986 Ontonagon (Dennis Morin) Iron Mountain
1985 Ontonagon (Dennis Morin) Bark River-Harris
1984 Ontonagon (Dennis Morin) L'Anse
1983 Ontonagon (Dennis Morin) Iron Mountain
1982 Ontonagon (Dennis Morin) Munising
1981 Ontonagon (Dennis Morin) Iron Mountain
1980 Ontonagon (Dennis Morin) Ironwood Wright
1979 Ontonagon (Dennis Morin) Iron Mountain
1978 Ontonagon (Dennis Morin) Iron Mountain


Year Champion (Coach) Runner-Up
2000  Ishpeming Westwood (Irvin Dieterle) Negaunee
1999 Crystal Falls Forest Park (Chris Larsen) Munising
1998 Ishpeming Westwood (Irvin Dieterle) Norway
1997 Norway (Dwight Castelaz) Calumet
1996 Houghton (Bob Backon) Iron Mountain
1995 Calumet (Scott Boddy) Iron Mountain


Year Champion (Coach) Runner-Up
2000  Crystal Falls Forest Park (Chris Larsen)  Painesdale-Jeffers 
1999 DeTour (Chuck Hessel) Ontonagon
1998 Ontonagon (Dennis Morin) Crystal Falls Forest Park
1997 Ontonagon (Dennis Morin) Bark River-Harris
1996 Ontonagon (Dennis Morin) Cooks-Big Bay deNoc
1995 Ontonagon (Dennis Morin) Cooks-Big Bay deNoc