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School Classifications Announced For 1998-99

EAST LANSING, Mich. - April 3 - There's a different look to the tournament classification for members of the Michigan High School Athletic Association, as nine of the Association's tournaments will be classified in nearly equal divisions in 1998-99.

The enrollment breaks, which historically have placed all schools in Classes A, B, C, and D for Representative Council elections and MHSAA tournaments in all sports, are now complemented by breaking schools into divisions in nine sports, where the number of divisions is contingent on the number of schools actually sponsoring the sport.

Classifications for the upcoming school year are based on a second semester count date, which was February 25. The enrollment figure submitted for athletic classification purposes may be different from the count submitted for school aid purposes, as it does not include students ineligible for athletic competition because they reached their 19th birthday prior to Sept. 1 of the current school year and will not include alternative education students if none are allowed athletic eligibility by the local school district.

After all the counts are submitted, the 729 member schools are ranked according to enrollment, and then split as closely into quarters as possible. This year, it works out that 181 schools are in Class A, 182 in Classes B and C, and 184 schools in Class D.

Effective with the 1998-99 school year, schools with 992 or more students will compete in Class A in MHSAA competition. The enrollment limits for Class B are 502 to 991; Class C is 250 to 501; and schools with enrollments of 249 and under are Class D. The break rose 16 students between Class A and B; decreased six students between Class B and C, and there was a five-student decline for the break between Class C and D.

Schools were recently notified of their classification. MHSAA Executive Director John E. "Jack" Roberts said that schools may not appeal their classification if the appeal is to play in a lower class. However, if revised enrollment figures indicate that a school should be playing in a higher class, that school would be moved up.

The new classification breaks will see 20 schools move up in class for 1998-99, while 16 schools will move down.

Schools have the option to play at any higher classification for a minimum of two years, but must exercise the option by April 15 for fall sports, August 15 for winter sports, and October 15 for spring sports.

Sports which will compete in nearly equal divisions in 1998-99 are: Baseball, Lower Peninsula Boys and Girls Golf, Boys and Girls Soccer, Softball, and Lower Peninsula Boys and Girls Tennis, and Wrestling.

Here is a complete list of the schools changing classification for 1998-99:

Moving Up From Class B To Class A
Allen Park
Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern
Oak Park

Moving Down From Class A To Class B
Battle Creek Lakeview
Grand Rapids Creston

Moving Up From Class C To Class B
Bad Axe
Ishpeming Westwood
Midland Bullock Creek
Pontiac Notre Dame
Saginaw Nouvel
Wyoming Kelloggsville

Moving Down From Class B To Class C
Detroit Crockett Technical

Moving Up From Class D To Class C
Crystal Falls Forest Park
Detroit Loyola
Ottawa Lake-Whiteford
St. Ignace
Whitemore Lake

Moving Down From Class C To Class D
Mohawk Keweenaw Academy
Muskegon Western Michigan Christian
New Lothrop
Redford Bishop Borgess
Wyoming Lee

Schools Opting To Play At A Higher Class/Division (As of 4/1/98)
Birmingham Seaholm (From II to I - Boys and Girls Soccer Only)
Bridgeport (From III to II - Wrestling Only)
Charlotte (From II to I - Wrestling Only)
Detroit Southwestern (From B to A - All Sports)
Flint Kearskey (From II to I - Wrestling Only)
Flint Northwestern (From II to I - Wrestling Only)
Flint Southwestern Academy (From II to I - Wrestling Only)
Grand Rapids Central (From B to A - Boys Basketball Only)
Grosse Ile (From IV to III - Girls Tennis Only)
Harper Woods Bishop Gallagher (From IV to III - Baseball and Softball Only)
Inkster (From B to A - All Sports)
Lansing Catholic Central (From IV to I - Boys Tennis Only)
Lansing Sexton (From II to I - Girls Tennis Only)
Midland Dow (From II to I - Boys Tennis Only)
Monroe St. Mary Catholic Central (From C to B - All Sports)
Monroe St. Mary Catholic Central (From IV to III - Wrestling Only)
Mt. Clemens (From IV to III - Girls Tennis Only)
New Boston Huron (From IV to III - Girls Tennis Only)
Orchard Lake St. Mary (From B to A - Boys Skiing Only)
Riverview (From IV to III - Girls Tennis Only)
Romulus (From B to A - Girls Basketball, Boys Golf, Boys and Girls Cross Country Only)
Romulus (From II to I - Wrestling Only)
Saginaw (From II to I - Wrestling Only)
Saginaw Buena Vista (From C to B - Boys and Girls Basketball, Football, Girls Cross Country, Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Track Only)
Sault Ste. Marie (From B to A - Ice Hockey Only)
Trenton (From II to I - Boys Tennis Only)

Enrollment Breaks By Classes - 1998-99 (Number of schools in parenthesis)
Class A 992 and above (181)
Class B 502 to 991 (182)
Class C 250 to 501 (182)
Class D 249 and below (184)

Enrollment Breaks By Divisions - 1998-99 (Number of schools in parenthesis)
 Sport  Baseball  Softball

LP Boys


Boys Soccer

Girls Soccer

LPBoys Tennis

LP Girls Tennis

 Div. I 1053 & above (158) 1053 & above (159) 1201 & above (129) 1385 & above (65) 1309 & above (92) 1275 & above (95) 1416 & above (87) 1417 & above (81) 1234 & above (111)
 Div. II 568 to 1052 (158) 568 to 1052 (157) 704 to 1200 (129) 901 to 1384 (65) 864 to 1308 (91) 790 to 1274 (96) 991 to 1415 (86) 1022 to 1416 (82) 743 to 1233 (111)
 Div. III 299 to 567 (158) 299 to 567 (158) 400 to 703 (129) 900 & below (65) 502 to 863 (91) 789 & below (95) 643 to 990 (86) 710 to 1021 (81) 479 to 742 (111)
 Div. IV 298 & below (159) 298 & below (156) 399 & below (130)  -- 501 & below (91)  -- 642 & below (86) 709 & below (81) 478 & below (112)