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MHSAA Supports NFHS Statement On Food Supplements

EAST LANSING, Mich. - Aug. 27 - The Michigan High School Athletic Association is emphasizing a position statement released on August 14 by the National Federation of State High School Associations regarding the use of food supplements, specifically creatine. The text of the statement by the NFHS's Sports Medicine Advisory Committee follows:

"School personnel and coaches should not dispense any drug, medication or food supplement except with extreme caution and in accordance with policies developed in consultation with parents, health-care professionals and senior administrative personnel of the school or school district.

"Use of any drug, medication or food supplement in a way not prescribed by the manufacturer should not be authorized or encouraged by school personnel and coaches. Even natural substances in unnatural amounts may have short-term or long-term negative health effects.

"In order to minimize health and safety risks to student-athletes, maintain ethical standards and reduce liability risks, school personnel and coaches should never supply, recommend or permit the use of any drug, medication or food supplement solely for performance-enhancing purposes."

Jerry Diehl, assistant director of the NHFS, said the committee issued this statement in response to requests from member state high school associations to address the increased use of food supplements such as creatine.

John E. "Jack" Roberts, executive director of the MHSAA, said the Association will be publishing this statement in upcoming editions of its monthly Bulletin and Mentor, its tri-annual newsletter for coaches.