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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 14, 1998
Contact: John Johnson 517.332.5046

Seasons Survey Results Announced

EAST LANSING, Mich. - Sept. 14 - A survey to determine the preferences of its member schools regarding the placement of sports seasons has shown that the status quo is preferred by a four-to-one margin in results announced today by the Michigan High School Athletic Association.

Responding to a request of the Kent Intermediate Superintendents' Association, the MHSAA Representative Council voted in May to conduct another survey to determine member schools' preferences for sports seasons. This specific request was to determine if school administrators, including superintendents, favored the alignment of high school seasons with their intercollegiate counterparts, which would have the following effect in Michigan:

· Moving Lower Peninsula Boys Golf from Fall to Spring
· Moving Girls Tennis from Fall to Spring
· Moving Lower Peninsula Girls Swimming & Diving from Fall to Winter
· Moving Girls Basketball from Fall to Winter
· Moving Girls Soccer from Spring to Fall
· Moving Girls Volleyball from Winter to Fall.

Of 573 responding schools submitting useable surveys, 101 (17.6 percent) favored the change while 472 (82.4 percent) did not. Five surveys were submitted without a yes or no answer.

Of the 20 school districts of the Kent Intermediate Superintendents' Association, which in September of 1997 signed a letter requesting the alignment of high school sports according to intercollegiate seasons, only 5 voted in the affirmative on this summer's survey.

"This survey posed precisely the question the Kent Intermediate Superintendents' Association requested we ask, and the results show overwhelmingly what schools want," said John E. "Jack" Roberts, executive director of the MHSAA.

Here is a breakdown by school classification of the responses to the survey:
· Class A - Yes 12; No 131; 1 No Preference; 1 Undecided
· Class B - Yes 30; No 127
· Class C - Yes 27; No 131
· Class D - Yes 32; No 101; 2 No Preference; 1 Undecided

The placement of MHSAA postseason tournaments has been determined throughout history by the time of year when most schools have conducted their sports. The most recent survey effort represents at least the fifth time in 20 years that the MHSAA has sought its membership's input regarding the placement of girls basketball and girls volleyball postseason tournaments.

In 1979, a mail survey of all member high schools indicated that 90.2 percent preferred girls volleyball in the winter and girls basketball in the fall.

In 1981, a mail survey of all member high school principals indicated 88 percent opposed a combined season for girls and boys basketball.

In 1985, a mail survey of all member high school principals indicated that 85.5 percent opposed scheduling girls basketball and boys basketball in the same season.

In 1994, 63.8 percent of 782 respondents at MHSAA Update Meetings opposed changing girls basketball to winter and girls volleyball to fall.

The MHSAA is a private, not-for-profit corporation of voluntary membership by over 1,300 public and private senior high schools and junior high/middle schools. No government funds or tax dollars support the MHSAA, which does not accept membership dues or tournament entry fees from schools. Member schools may participate in MHSAA tournaments conducted in 12 sports for girls and 12 sports for boys which attract approximately 1.3 million spectators each year.


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