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2006-07 MHSAA Steroid Education,
Drug and Alcohol Prevention &
Healthy Nutritional Alternatives Program

The MHSAA has been selected as one of four states to participate in a steroid and drug prevention education program funded by a $1 million grant from Sports Illustrated.  The grant was awarded to the creators of the ATLAS and ATHENA programs, Linn Goldberg, MD, and Diane Elliot, MD, at the Center for Health Promotion Research at Oregon Health & Science University.

The MHSAA’s participation in this program is highlighted by two offerings available to member schools in 2006-07:

  1. Kids, Sports & Drugs Conference.  On November 9, 2006, the MHSAA will host a day-long conference with assistance from Sports Illustrated and OHSU.  The conference will feature both national and local speakers who will cover topics such as steroid education, general drug prevention education and healthy nutritional alternatives for high school athletes. Participants will learn about the ATLAS and ATHENA programs, as well as other healthy nutritional alternatives. The conference will be held at Henry Ford Hostpital in Detroit on November 9.  Click here for a registration form.
  2. Announcement of Four SI Schools.  The MHSAA has partnered with Sports Illustrated and OHSU to select four high schools to receive $25,000 worth of training and program materials to implement the nationally recognized ATLAS and ATHENA programs with their sports teams during the 2006-07 school year. All member high schools are invited to apply to become an SI School. Selected schools will elect up to 12 coaches and 24 student-athletes from various sports teams to attend a one-day training seminar at the MHSAA office in East Lansing. After the training, SI Schools will implement the programs throughout the year and receive national recognition from Sports Illustrated. Click here for a one-page explanation of how the ATLAS and ATHENA programs work.

Michigan's four SI Schools were announced on May 24:

  • L.L. Wright High School in Ironwood
  • Lutheran High School North in Macomb
  • Mt. Pleasant High School in Mt. Pleasant
  • Spring Lake High School in Spring Lake

For more information, read the press release announcing the four SI Schools.

For additional reading, check out the original March press release announcing the partnership of the MHSAA, OHSU and Sports Illustrated.

If you have any questions about the fall conference or becoming an SI School, please contact Andy Frushour in the MHSAA office – 517-332-5046 or afrushour@mhsaa.com.


MHSAA produced ATLAS & ATHENA Promotional Video

MHSAA Releases
SI and OHSU Announce Michigan High Schools to Receive Grant to Implement ATLAS and ATHENA Programs (5/24/06) - HTML - PDF
Michigan High School Athletic Association Selected By SI and OHSU to Receive Grant to Implement ATLAS and ATHENA Programs (3/22/06) - HTML - PDF

Information About Becoming An SI School
SI School Application
How ATLAS & ATHENA Will Be Implemented At Your School

Information About the November Kids, Sports & Drugs Conference
The conference will take place on Thursday, November 9, 2006, at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Click here for a registration form.

Information About ATLAS & ATHENA
ATLAS Web site
ATHENA Web site
OHSU Press Release: "OHSU, Sports Illustrated Partner To Prevent Steroid, Drug Use Among Teens" (February 2006)

Sports Illustrated
SI School Announcement on SI.com


What do the acronyms ATLAS & ATHENA represent?
Athletes Training and Learning About Steroids (ATLAS) is a program for male students, while Athletes Targeting Healthy Healthy Exercise and Nutrition Alternatives (ATHENA) is the program for female students.

What is the proper way to fill out the application?
1) Download the application.
2) Either fill out the information on the computer screen and print (you can't save it unless you have Adobe Acrobat Professional), or print out a hard copy and hand write your information.
3) Fax the completed application to the Center for Health Promotion Research at OHSU - (503) 494-3044.

The deadline is May 1. We will announce the four SI Schools on May 24.

What does it mean to be an SI School?
SI Schools are the four schools selected to receive proper training and full funding to implement the ATLAS and ATHENA programs in the school. Twelve coaches and 24 student-athlete "squad leaders" will be trained, and in turn, these 36 will lead the implementation of the program at the school. The four schools will be highlighted by Sports Illustrated and recognized at the fall steroid education conference.

How many people from my school receive training?
Up to 12 coaches from 12 different teams at the school will receive training. In addition, 1-2 student-athletes from each of those 12 teams will be trained to become "squad leaders". Finally, one person will serve as the school liaison to work with the OHSU as the program is implemented at the school. Click here for more information about how your school's teams get involved.

What other states received the SI Schools grant?
The state associations in Oregon, Florida and Virginia will also select four SI schools and host a statewide conference.

Who should come to the fall conference?
The conference is intended for adults. Schools may wish to bring coaches, athletic directors, athletic trainers, drug counselors and other administrators. The general public is also invited to attend.

Who do I contact if I have a question about this program?
Andy Frushour at the MHSAA should be able to answer many of your questions at afrushour@mhsaa.com or (517) 332-5046. If you have questions specifically about the ATLAS and ATHENA curriculum, contact the Oregon Health & Science University directly at chpr@ohsu.edu or (503) 494-3727





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