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Boys Basketball Finals Network Coverage

Statewide audiences can watch and listen to the Semifinals and Finals of the MHSAA Boys Basketball Tournament, presented by Sparrow Health, radio stations, the internet and cable television this weekend.

From the Director

Why We Do What We Do

The vast majority of daily activities of Michigan High School Athletic Association staff revolve around communicating the meaning of educational athletics. That’s why we do most of what we do.

Winter Scheduling

It’s complicated and it would be contentious, but a winter sports schedule that ended every MHSAA winter tournament two weeks earlier would remedy many problems.

Making Matters Worse

The proposal is seriously flawed, and by circumventing the MHSAA Football Committee, its proponents assure it is fatally flawed.

Transfer Culture

The culture that contributes to this is created in youth programs, starting even before students reach high school. 
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