MHSAA P-L-A-Y: Preparation Lasts All Year

The Michigan High School Athletic Association is focused on making school sports as safe as possible for student athletes. And students can play a significant part by entering the first day of practice in shape and ready to be active, especially if their sports begin during the final summer months when the weather is warmest.

Why it’s important:

Get up, get ready: Athletes who enter practice in shape begin steps ahead, literally, of those who must focus on conditioning before advancing to more sport-specific training.

Avoid injury: Toned athletes stand a better chance of avoiding injury once more intense practices begin.

Beat the heat: The least-physically fit athletes can be most susceptible to heat illness once official practices begin. Also, high intensity training in hot, humid environments without a period of acclimatization is a common cause of heat illness.

What you can do:

Get up, get active: Put down the video game controller; turn off the smart phone. Pick one of a near-endless list of activities that will get you moving and keep you fit as the summer months wear on.

Prep Rally: Gather your classmates for a fun activity unrelated to the sport your team plays, and then tell us about it to win a chance at MHSAA Finals tickets for you and your friends. See our Prep Rally page for more.

Get informed: The MHSAA has gathered a variety of sources on health and fitness topics, including injury and heat illness prevention. Click on “Health and Activity Resources” at right to learn more.

And remember ...

PLAY doesn't mean scheduling more team-oriented offseason practice. It does mean recreation and fun and keeping active so athletes are better prepared when that first day of practice begins.

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