MHSAA Publications

The MHSAA's tri-annual publication, benchmarks, is published each fall, winter and spring, and is sent to member school administrators, coaches and officials. We offer it online free of charge to the general public below.

Lasting Impressions now complete! Be sure to check out Lasting Impressions, the second volume of editorials from Executive Director Jack Roberts. Lasting Impressions

Archived Articles

Following is a categorized list of articles - from within the MHSAA and from outside sources - relating to various aspects of interscholastic athletics.

Archived Videos

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Welcome to the MHSAA Library

Welcome to the online MHSAA Library. The files on this page comprise a wealth of archived articles, publications and videos pertaining to school sports and the MHSAA. Administrators, coaches, parents and students should visit the page frequently for perspectives, opinions and features involving educational athletics.

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School Nicknames and Colors

Ever wonder how many Tigers you might encounter on a trip through Michigan; or what colors you might see adorning storefronts as you head through various towns on an autumn Friday night? Now you'll know!

MHSAA Perspective

MHSAA Perspective is a weekly audio commentary about the world of high school sports. The program runs from late August through mid March on radio stations across the state. The most current "Perspecitve" can always be found in the blue box near the bottom of the home page. For current and archived audio go the MHSAA Perspective page.