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Information and Links for coaches:

2024 Dates to Remember

  • Online Rules Meetings -- 2/5-4/18
  • Practice Begins -- March 11
  • First Contest -- March 20
  • Maximum No. of Days/Contests -- 18 C
  • Opt-Out Due Date -- May 8
  • Ratings Due Date -- June 20
  • District Tournament -- May 22-24 & May 28-June 1
  • Regional Tournament -- June 4-8
  • MHSAA Semifinals - June 11-12
  • MHSAA Finals -- June 14-15

Tournament Managers Resources

Additional Resources

Coaches Resources

Visit the "I Am a Coach" page for additional coaching resources, forms, and requirements. Here you can learn more about requirements for CPR, Sportsmanship Courses, and CAP Training.

Athletic Director Resources

Visit the "I Am an Administrator" page for specific resources for athletic directors and other administration officials.