Bad Axe's Ranquist Meets Her Goal, Sets Another as Newest D4 Champion

March 2, 2024

MUSKEGON – Jasmyn Ranquist had one goal Saturday, and really this whole season – just improve on last year.

Her freshmen run in 2023 was a good one – she reached the Division 4 Quarterfinals. But it was time to take the next step.

She took a few.

The Bad Axe sophomore qualified fifth for match play at the Singles Final at Northway Lanes, then rolled through her first three matches before prevailing 366-344 over Memphis junior Lauren Castillo to clinch the championship.

“One of my friends told me that because the girl last year (Gobles’ Morgan Brunner) won three years in row, that I’m next to win three years in a row,” Ranquist said. “And we’re on year one, so I’m super excited for next year.”

Ranquist bowled a high of 201 during the morning’s six-game qualifying block, while Costello qualified third rolling a pair of 212 games to finish her six.

Ranquist then opened match play with a 416-357 win over Hudson sophomore Ellie Loar before really opening things up with a 492-294 victory in her Quarterfinal and 443-339 victory in the Semifinal.

Castillo, meanwhile, showed some grit winning a roll-off with Ravenna freshman Taylor Nutt in their first match out of qualifying. Costello then stacked victories of 57 and 53 pins on the way to the Final.

Ranquist took a 209-175 lead with the first game. Castillo bested her in the second, 169-157, but not by enough to close the entire margin.

Castillo also was returning to the Finals, for the third time, and reached match play for the first.

“Lauren is one of my close friends,” Ranquist said. “I met her at Regionals last year, and she’s just amazing. And I’m so glad I got to bowl against her in the Finals.”

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