NCAA College Prep Resources

Core Course Progression for Full Qualifier Status:

  • This requirement must be met in order to compete in the first year of collegiate enrollment.
  • Students must successfully complete 10 core courses prior to seventh semester (or equivalent) of high school.
  • Seven of the 10 core courses must be successfully completed in English, math and natural/physical science.
  • These core courses (and grades) must be used in calculating the core GPA for purposes of meeting the sliding scale and GPA minimum.

Updates on these and other important recruiting topics can be found on the NCAA Recruiting Webinar Facebook and Twitter feeds:


Keys to a Smooth Start

  • Meet Core Course/Academic Requirements
  • Take ACT and SAT Tests
  • Develop a Network for Support and Counsel
    (Parents, Coaches, Administrators, College Governing Bodies)
  • Research College Choices and Make Informed Decision

The information contained here is intended to provide general guidelines. For specific eligibility rules, regulations and admissions standards please refer to the resources offered within this section, or contact any of the compliance or admissions offices through the college of your choice.

This information comes from Web sites and publications directed toward the college-bound student-athlete, as well as first-hand accounts from various compliance directors at Michigan universities and colleges. The links in the left-hand column provide a wealth of information regarding NCAA institutions as well as NAIA schools and junior colleges/community colleges. Which school and what level is right for you depends on your abilities and interests.

We hope you find this information to be a useful bridge to your future as a student-athlete.