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Welcome to the MHSAA Tournament Ticket Page

... we're excited to welcome you to one of our tournament events, which are family-friendly, affordable and FUN! 

If you have questions about protocol and policy for ticketholders, please read the language at the bottom of this page.

As the Finals dates approach, a link will appear for those events offering online ticketing options on the list below. All other championship tickets may be purchased at the site.

Upcoming Events

Boys L.P. Swimming & Diving 
Diving Regionals - $7.30

Boys Ice Hockey 
Regionals - $9.40
Quarterfinals - $9.40
Semifinals - $16.75
Finals - $16.75

Competitive Cheer
Districts - $7.30 
Regionals - $7.30
Finals  - $19.90 includes parking

Boys & Girls Bowling
Regionals - $10
Finals  - $10

Regionals - $7.30
Finals  - $9.40

Team Wrestling
Districts Finals - $7.30
Regionals - $7.30
Quarterfinals - $13.60 (includes parking)
Semifinals - $13.60 (includes parking)
Finals - $13.60 (includes parking)

Individual Wrestling
Districts Finals - $7.30
Regionals - $7.30
Finals - $48.25 for the day
* Parking at Van Andel not included

Girls Basketball 
Districts - $7.30
Regionals - $7.30
Quarterfinals - $8.35
Semifinals - $19.90/game
Finals - $19.90/game (includes parking)

Boys Basketball 
Districts - $7.30
Regionals - $7.30
Quarterfinals - $8.35
Semifinals - $19.90/game 
Finals - $19.90/game (includes parking)

Online Tickets FAQs


When parents get the link, how do they buy tickets?
Click the link in the email and follow the prompts. It’s a very easy process. Here’s a one-minute video to see how it’s done. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkZqTY5d6Bg

How many tickets can be purchased?
Starting Oct. 25 fans will only be able to buy four tickets per transaction, but they can make multiple transactions. The system has no way to block making multiple transactions. For sites that only all two (or four) tickets per participant, the access code will limit the number of tickets that can be purchased. The access code can only be used one time.

How do spectators view their purchased tickets?
They can click “View Tickets” in their emailed receipt, sign in to their Go Fan account, or open in the GoFan app. For fastest entry into the game, fans should pull up their tickets prior to reaching the gate. Here is another one-minute video that can be given to fans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0Xhso4QobA

Can fans transfer tickets to others?
Yes, purchased tickets can be transferred to children, spouse, family or anyone else via text, email or copying a link. See the end of this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0Xhso4QobA

Can tickets be purchased after the start of the game?
Yes, as long as it is not a sell out tickets can be purchased up to four hours after the scheduled start of the game.

What if a game is cancelled?
Ticket buyers will receive a 100% refund on the price of the ticket and the convenience fee. To receive a refund please email service@gofan.co and include your name, email used to purchase the ticket(s) and the event for which you purchased ticket(s).


How do we redeem tickets at the gate?
The spectator will show you the digital ticket on his/her phone. Your ticket gate folks will have the fan click the green “Validate” button, and then you will see a big green checkmark so you know they are good. This is a good one-minute video about the process -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G22NNB8uuXE.

Can parents buy tickets at the gate?
YES, if tickets are still available, it is very easy. Just have them go to GoFan.com on their phone, search for the name of either school, click on the event, and purchase the ticket.


Do I use GoFan for the First Round and Semifinals of the Soccer District?
No, GoFan is only required for the District Finals. The first two rounds can be run just like a regular season game.

What is the timeline for buying/selling Football tickets?
Ticket links will be delivered to both school ADs on Monday afternoon once all games and times have been determined. Each school will get a link for half of the available tickets. Any ticket not sold will available to the public at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

For the Volleyball District and Regional Semifinals, does one ticket get you into both games?
It depends on how the host filled out the survey. If the host is clearing the gym between each match, then you would need to buy a ticket to each match. If the host is not clearing the gym then the capacity will be split into four, which each school receiving a link to one-fourth of the tickets.

How will tickets to non-traditional Volleyball First Round District games be sold?
Each participating team will receive a link to one-half of the available tickets.


How much is the convenience fee?
The convenience fee for each ticket is $1 plus 5% of the price of the ticket. $6 tickets will actually be $7.30, $7 tickets will be $8.35 and $8 tickets will be $9.40. All ticket revenue will be sent directly to the MHSAA office.

Can we use spectator ticket information for contact tracing?
Yes, if you need to do any Covid-19 contact tracing we can provide names, phone numbers and email addresses for everyone who purchased a ticket to your event.

There is an app for iOS, but can Android users buy tickets?
The app is only available for Apple devices, but the website works great on ANY smartphone.


MHSAA Ticket Disclaimer

This ticket is a revocable license to attend an athletic event. The holder of this ticket, on behalf of the holder and any minor accompanying the holder (individually and collectively, the “holder”), agrees to all of the terms hereof. The use of this ticket authorizes an inspection to ensure the absence of prohibited materials, including, but not limited to: laser pointers, laser sights, flashlights, noisemakers of any type at indoor events, signs on sticks, confetti and any other materials which may be thrown. Ticket holders assume all risks of loss, stolen or damaged property or personal injury. The Michigan High School Athletic Association policy on tickets for children is as follows: Any child considered a “babe in arms” would not need a ticket purchased for them. All other children would need a ticket. Spectator videotaping or still photography of this event is allowed strictly for personal, non-commercial purposes only. Ticket holder expressly waives any claims against the MHSAA, local tournament management and their officers, employees, agents, contractors and invitees on account of the risks listed above. By accepting or using this ticket, the holder agrees that he or she will not directly or indirectly aid in transmitting or distributing any picture, account or description (whether text, data or visual) in any media now or hereafter existing of all or any part of this competition or related events. Breach of the foregoing may result in legal action against the holder. The ticket holder grants the MHSAA and local tournament management and their designees the irrevocable permission to use his or her voice or likeness in any media now or hereafter existing in connection with all or any part of this competition or related events, for any purpose whatsoever, including the commercial purposes of the MHSAA, its member schools and their sponsors, licensees, advertisers or broadcasters; without further authorization or compensation. The MHSAA and local tournament management may refuse admission to, or eject, any ticket holder without refund who is deemed to be disorderly or who fails to comply with these terms and all security measures.