GoFan - MHSAA Digital Ticketing Partner


GoFan Tickets For 2023-24

GoFan tickets will be used for the following tournaments. Ticket prices can be found on the MHSAA ticket page. To find your game, search the GoFan site for your school. You can also view a list of ALL statewide games

Cross Country: 
MHSAA Finals
Football: All rounds of the MHSAA tournament, except for the Finals
Golf: GoFan not used
Boys Soccer: Starting with the District Finals
Girls Swimming: All rounds of the MHSAA tournament
Tennis: GoFan not used
Volleyball: All rounds of the MHSAA tournament

All games except the Semifinals and Final at the Breslin Center
Bowling: All rounds of the MHSAA tournament
Competitive Cheer: All rounds except the Finals at the McGuirk Arena, CMU
Gymnastics: All rounds of the MHSAA tournament
Ice Hockey: All games in the MHSAA tournament
Skiing: GoFan not used
LP/UP Swimming: All rounds of the MHSAA tournament
Indv. Wrestling: All rounds except those at Ford Field
Team Wrestling: All rounds except those at Wings Stadium

All rounds of the MHSAA tournament
Golf: GoFan not used
Boys Lacrosse: Starting with the Regional Semifinals
Girls Lacrosse: Starting with the Regional Semifinals
Girls Soccer: Starting with the District Finals
Softball: All rounds of the MHSAA tournament
Tennis: GoFan not used
Track & Field: All rounds of the MHSAA tournament


For ADs: How to Edit events
For Schools: School Support Knowledge Base
For Fans: Knowledge Base and Support Request
Fan Support: [email protected]

How many tickets can be purchased?
There is no limit to the number of tickets that can be purchased.

How do spectators view their purchased tickets?
They can click “View Tickets” in their emailed receipt, sign in to their Go Fan account, or open in the GoFan app. For fastest entry into the game, fans should pull up their tickets prior to reaching the gate. Here is another one-minute video that can be given to fans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0Xhso4QobA

Can fans transfer tickets to others?
Yes, purchased tickets can be transferred to children, spouse, family or anyone else via text, email or copying a link. See the end of this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0Xhso4QobA

Can tickets be purchased after the start of the game?
Yes, as long as it is not a sell out tickets can be purchased up to four hours after the scheduled start of the game.

What if a game is cancelled?
Ticket buyers will receive a 100% refund on the price of the ticket and the convenience fee. To receive a refund please email [email protected] and include your name, email used to purchase the ticket(s) and the event for which you purchased ticket(s).

GoFan Training Videos

This page is full of information, however these training videos will give you a glimpse into the simplicity of GoFan. Please forward these videos to the folks who run your ticket gate.


How do we redeem tickets at the gate?
The spectator will show you the digital ticket on his/her phone. Your ticket gate folks will have the fan click the green “Validate” button, and then you will see a big green checkmark so you know they are good. This is a good one-minute video about the process.

Can parents buy tickets at the gate?
If there is a public sale AND if tickets are still available, it is very easy. Just have fans go to GoFan.co on their phone, search for the name of either school, click on the event, and purchase the ticket.


Do I need to buy scanning equipment?
No. Everything is done through the spectator’s phone.

How much is the convenience fee?
There are no longer convenience fees for fans.

Can we use spectator ticket information for contact tracing?
Yes, if you need to do any Covid-19 contact tracing we can provide names, phone numbers and email addresses for everyone who purchased a ticket to your event.

There is an app for iOS, but can Android users buy tickets?
The app is only available for Apple devices, but the website works great on ANY smartphone.

What if a spectator doesn't have a smartphone, or if their phone is lost or has run out of battery?
The GoFan digital ticket system is a great solution, but it won’t cover 100% of all possible user cases. At that point we just rely on the good common sense judgment of our ADs to make things work.