PA Announcer Resources

Public address announcers perform an important task at high school sporting events – to inform the fans in attendance and to help set an educational atmosphere for the game. Their job is not to be the entertainer we often see at collegiate or professional events.

This page is dedicated to providing various resources for school public address announcers and being a central location where scripts for regular-season play and MHSAA Tournaments can be found.

Regular-Season Scripts

Includes Emergency Preparedness and the PA Announcer

MHSAA Tournament Scripts

Includes Emergency Preparedness and the PA Announcer

(For District through Semifinal Round Play – Posted the week before Tournament begins - Finals scripts will be sent directly to sites)

Educational Video Series

Matt Wallace and Tom Winiecki have put together a series of videos for public address announcers. In addition to the videos, the website has a ton of information for PA announcers including; Forms, Music Lists, Reads, Pronunciation Guide and more. All of the information at is free to use.

Free Online Course

There is a free online course provided by the National Federation and the National Association of Sports Public Address Announcer that would be helpful for new and experienced PA announcers.

PA Announcer Best Practices Guides

(Adapted from NASPAA/MHSAA Clinic – 1/6/18)