Manistique Pair Power UPD2 Medalist Push, Munising Rises as Top Team

By Jason Juno
Special for

June 1, 2022

IRON RIVER  Manistique’s Macy Green was a really good softball player before she switched to golf full time just last year.

Teammate Nora Cunningham has been playing for a couple of years, and she won a few tournaments this season.

“And they’ve been highly competitive with each other all year,” their coach, Tim Noble, said.

The juniors carried that friendly competition through to the Upper Peninsula Division 2 Final at Young’s Golf Course on Wednesday. They were within a stroke of each other – at the top of the leaderboard. Green was medalist with a 102, and Cunningham shot a 103 to tie for second with Bark River-Harris’ Hannah Larson.

Cunningham said her back nine was OK, but she struggled on the front. “So that was a bummer, but I’m happy that Macy did what she did,” she said. “She really pulled through and did great.”

Green golfed with the No. 2 golfers, and she didn’t expect to win from there.

“It’s kind of shocking, honestly,” she said. 

Manistique golfShe said she improved a lot this year, and the same was true of her day Wednesday.

“I struggled a lot with drives the first nine holes, but in the back, I improved a lot. I think that’s what helped,” Green said.

Ceara LaBlanc of Brimley was fourth with a 106, and Pickford’s Isa Franklin was fifth with a 107. 

The Munising girls won the team title with a score of 454. West Iron County was second at 469.

Logan Peters led the Mustangs with a 108, which was good for seventh overall.

Munising has four seniors who have been playing since they were freshmen.

“They’ve been improving year by year,” Munising coach Bette Immel said. “This year they wanted to come out and win it. We came in second place last year. So they thought now with senior leadership we would be able to do it, and we were fortunate to be able to come out today with the win.”

The sun and perfectly blue skies were a constant on the challenging course Wednesday.

“It was extremely long,” Immel said. “The greens were freshly cut this morning, so the kids said it was hard to land a ball on them, and putting was real tough. A little windy but not too bad. But definitely the putting was the difference today, I believe.”

Cunningham wasn’t arguing about the greens.

“The greens are very hard to get used to,” she said. “And there’s woods, and there’s water. But the greens are definitely one of the most challenging of the courses that we played this year.”

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PHOTOS (Top) Munising’s Jenna Matson tees off on the first hole during Wednesday’s U.P. Division 2 Final at Young’s Golf Course. (Middle) Manistique’s Macy Green tees off at No. 17 on the way to winning the individual championship. (Photos by Jason Juno.)

Be the Referee: Animal Interference

By Paige Winne
MHSAA Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

September 20, 2023

Be The Referee is a series of short messages designed to help educate people on the rules of different sports, to help them better understand the art of officiating, and to recruit officials.

Below is this week's segment – Animal Interference - Listen

In golf – it’s common to hear about birdies, eagles, maybe even an albatross. Or in my case, a snowman. But what if an actual animal interferes with your ball while in play?

There are two kinds of interference.

The first involves a ball still in motion. If you are putting and a squirrel darts out and stops or redirects your putt, you simply get a do-over from the original spot.

Off the green, if a moving ball is stopped or re-directed, you play the ball from where it ultimately stops.

If your ball is stopped and a seagull picks it up and carries it off – you just replace the ball to its original spot and proceed.

It doesn’t happen often, but now you know how to deal with squirrels and seagulls … in addition to birdies and eagles.

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