Are you a student with plans of attending a leadership training program? Are you a school administrator organizing a student leadership event in your community? Do you need funding?

The MHSAA has earmarked $20,000 to help students become better leaders. This fund originated from a gift to the MHSAA from student leadership training leader, the former W.B.A. Ruster Foundation.

Scholarships are available to students to attend existing student leadership camps, and schools can receive grant money to create student leadership programs in their communities. Funding is available NOW. There is no deadline – applications are accepted, and money is distributed, year round.

To be eligible for traditional funds:

  • Events must be conducted within Michigan.
  • Events must serve students of MHSAA member schools.
  • Individuals who receive scholarships must be student-athletes.
  • Events which receive subsidy must include components dealing with athletics.

To Apply for A Grant

1) Download the application:

2) Send the application & appropriate documentation to the MHSAA.

3) Allow 45 days for processing.

If you have any questions, call or email Andy Frushour at (517) 332-5046.