NOTE: The most efficient method of communication with the MHSAA on eligibility questions is through your athletic director or principal.

Athletic Directors should gather all information necessary on a question and then call or write the MHSAA. Coaches or parents calling the MHSAA on eligibility matters can create confusion and delay. ADs or principals are encouraged to contact the MHSAA Office directly.

Please follow this efficient path of communication for eligibility questions.

For other information, please select a subject below to ensure your question is addressed appropriately. Please fill out each line completely. The MHSAA responds to email correspondence in the order in which it and other traditional forms of communications (mail, telephone, fax) are received. In general, we will respond to your email correspondence through more traditional methods. The MHSAA will not respond to an email transmission which does not include the full name, affiliation, mailing address and telephone number of the sending party. Questions related to MHSAA Rules and Regulations will only be responded to via U.S. Mail.

Contact the MHSAA

1661 Ramblewood Drive
East Lansing, MI 48823
Office 517-332-5046       
Fax 517-332-4071
[email protected]