Meet the MHSAA Representative Council

24 RC pic

First Row: Vic Michaels, John Thompson, Scott Grimes, Mark Uyl.

Second Row: Jennifer Thunberg, Chris Riker, Dr. Arnetta Thompson, Alex Tiseo, Chris Adams.

Third Row: Eric Albright, Adam Stefanski, Jeff Kline, Fred Smith, Jay Alexander, Jason Malloy, Anna Rigby, Russ Fort, Judy Cox, Sean Jacques.

Photo taken May 2024


Members of the MHSAA Representative Council

Chris Adams*
Camden-Frontier High School
Class C-D — Southeastern Michigan

Eric Albright**
Athletic Director
Midland High School
Class A-B — Northern Lower Peninsula

Jay Alexander*
Executive Director of Athletics
Detroit Public Schools
Detroit Public Schools Position

Judy Cox**
Auburn-Bay City Western High School  

Ross Fort (ex-officio)
Special Assistant to Deputy Superintendent for Finance and Operations
Michigan Dept. of Education, Lansing

Scott Grimes**, President
Superintendent, Grand Haven Public Schools
Statewide At-Large

Sean Jacques**
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Calumet High School
Class C-D — Upper Peninsula

Jeff Kline*
Athletic Director 
Mt. Morris High School
Statewide At-Large

Jason Malloy**
Athletic Director
Westland John Glenn High School

Vic Michaels**, Secretary-Treasurer
Director of Physical Education & Athletics
Archdiocese of Detroit
Private and Parochial Schools

Chris Miller*
Athletic Director/Director of Operations
Gobles High School
Class C-D — Southwestern Michigan

Anna Rigby**
Athletic Director
Harbor Springs High School
Class C-D — Northern Michigan

Chris Riker**
Athletic Director
Portage Northern High School
Class A-B — Southwestern Michigan

Fred Smith**
Athletic Director
Bangor Middle School
Junior High/Middle Schools

Adam Stefanski*
Athletic Director
Boyne City High School
Junior High/Middle Schools

Dr. Arnetta Thompson*
Godfrey-Lee Public Schools

John Thompson**, Vice President
Athletic Director
Brighton High School
Class A-B — Southeastern Michigan

Jennifer Thunberg*
Freeland Middle School

Alex Tiseo*
Athletic Director
Marquette High School
Class A-B — Upper Peninsula

*Term Expires December 2025
**Term Expires December 2024  

Any individual who is a representative of a member school (faculty member or Board of Education member) may become a candidate for the MHSAA Representative Council. Please contact the MHSAA Executive Director for an outline of procedures.