MHSAA Apparel

Officially Licensed MHSAA apparel from E.A. Graphics. Includes championship tournament t-shirts, hoodies & hats, and many other MHSAA-branded goods.

MHSAA Photography

Multiple photographers are used to take photos of MHSAA championship events. Visit your favorite MHSAA Sport page and click the icon for Finals Photos.

MHSAA Mini Trophies

ESCO Inc. is the official provider of MHSAA tournament trophies and medals. You can purchase a mini version of your school's official trophy and/or replacement trophies from ESCO.


Beginning in 2017-18, DVDs of MHSAA Tournament events are available exclusively from the NFHS Network. You can find games from past years on either the NFHS Network​ ​or​.

Officials Equipment

The MHSAA is pleased to be partnering with Smitty Official’s Apparel, owned and operated by people that understand the officiating business. Smitty will be distributing MHSAA-approved apparel with a Michigan-based dealer, Correct Call Officiating Outfitters.

MHSAA Tournament Banners

Schools can order branded and co-branded event signage for MHSAA events. Source One Digital offers items such as banners, event signage, feather flags and table throws, and can be accessed below.