Tobacco & Alcohol Policy at MHSAA Tournaments

MAY 1992


For coaches and officials at all MHSAA tournaments, use of tobacco products of any kind, including e-cigarettes or other smoking devices, within sight of players and spectators and use of alcohol during a contest or at any time before it on the day of the contest is prohibited.


Tobacco: Unless specified in the sport playing rules, it is not intended that a violation of the tobacco policy should lead to the immediate ejection of a coach. He or she should be reminded of the policy and reported to his or her school administration after the contest. Only if the coach is unwilling to comply promptly shall he or she be disqualified from coaching at the event.
Officials should be reminded of the tobacco policy and reported in writing by the tour­na­ment manager to the MHSAA.

Alcohol or other substances: Historically, officials promptly disqualified coaches, and tournament managers immediately replaced officials who were under the influence of alcohol or other substances; and no change in such procedures is intended by these policies.